“1M”arine Houshou – Waifu of the Year for Overseas Sexy Ladies

What a strange title….

I’ve written about fan crushes before. It was in regard to a certain man named Jason Momoa. He is just so dreamy. He is the only man who makes me straight. All the variables click with him: Sweet. Great smile. Beautiful eyes. Hot body. From what I’ve seen he seems like a genuinely nice guy.


But let’s face it: I’m pretty gay. And so, it is only obvious I would gravitate to women.

But I love a lot of entertainers in the Hololive group. I especially love those who are funny and sing well; which made Houshou Marine an easy choice for my Waifu of the Year.

Beautiful Captain Houshou Marine of Hololive JP

They are all so talented. It’s difficult to decide on which ones to watch. I tend to watch the Japanese members who mix some English or attempt to speak English to viewers. Mostly, because I only speak English. I can catch Japanese words here and there like “Yabe!” Or “Minna!” “Choto choto matte.” I like saying, “choto matte.” I don’t know why.

Grace and I have a thing lately that we text each other Spanish words. Not sure why. I actually understand a passing conversational Spanish and French, but Japanese and Chinese are a bit tougher. I keep wanting her to speak to me in Japanese so that I learn the language, and she’s fluent in multiple languages, so she helps me a lot.

But then this Hololive member dropped this low register sexy voiced song and I thought, Hmm… this is one sexy-voiced woman hiding behind this avatar. (Plus, it’s Sunday, and I always like to place a song on my blog on Sunday.)

“Bloody Stream” cover from Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure (one of my fave anime) with a silly anime version by Marine. A Waifu who understands anime well.

And then she placed a message on Hololive Reddit announcing she loves her “Overseas Sexy Ladies,” as well as, her Overseas Sexy Bro’s, and so I realized, “Hmm… Marine truly is an inspiration to overseas sexy peeps everywhere.” She invited us to propose, and proposal accepted, my new Waifu.

Beautiful in her New Year garb

This is all ‘simp’ly fun and games, but I think its sweet that members like Marine and a few others (Coco, Hachaama, Korone, Pekora, Aqua, and Fubuki) truly try to reach out to the English-speaking viewers. This, by the way, is also the key to the aforementioned group of English-speaking attemptee’s hitting over 1M subscribers.

I’ll definitely simp for the mature and talented Senchou Marine. She is actually an accomplished artist in Japan, as well as quite the singer and comedian. She plays her character well, and like my other favorite pirate Captain Luffy (of my all-time favorite anime/manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda), she steers her crewmates (all Hololive) in a raucous and inspiring way.

This makes her my anime Waifu for the New Year. Maybe it truly is the best year for ox’s everywhere. πŸ˜‰

Hope you all have a fantastic week and find what you’re seeking and searching for in life.

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

2 thoughts on ““1M”arine Houshou – Waifu of the Year for Overseas Sexy Ladies

  1. Yeah, I appreciate Marine’s mature charm. I also like how openly she talks about “off-limit” topics in comparison to most of her colleagues (except Coco and a few others who can match her in that.) And her singing voice is great — very unique. I’d love to get hold of the Touhou album she recorded. Though if I had to give out my own award, I’d give it to Fubuki. Even if we are only friends.

    Falling down this Hololive/VTuber “rabbit hole” is maybe both the best and worst thing that’s happened to me in recent memory. It certainly made last year easier to get through.

    1. Hey AK, thank you for the comment.

      Yeah, Fubuki would be Friend of the Year. Or, is it WaiFriend? She’s definitely one of the best, and the one who first pulled me into the rabbit hole.

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