Voices of Angels, and Just That Somethin’ Somethin’ – Gawr Gura and Nekomata Okayu

I always like to write music related posts on Sunday. Place a few songs to enjoy and have a listen while drinking your coffee. Today we’re expected to have snow in Texas. I hope its very light because I had to park very far from my apartment and fear I’ll have to drive later.


Enough of that. Let’s talk about these two members of Hololive that have amazing voices: Gawr Gura and Nekomata Okayu (not their real names, but the persona’s they play for this YouTube group).

The smol shark of HoloEN

Do you ever find you are drawn to certain songs that you place on repeat? For me, I fall for a vocalist and then listen to them non-stop until I’m sick of listening to them. It’s like eating donuts for a week and then you stop eating them for months because it’s just a bit too much sweetness.

The smooth cat harem protagonist of Hololive JP

I love music. In fact, I rarely do anything without a playlist going in the background. Maybe I just don’t like quiet.

When this song dropped, I couldn’t stop listening to it over and over again. Okayu has done many covers, but this one is my favorite and fits her smooth vocals best.

One of many of Okayu’s fantastic covers

When I first started playing and promoting Flos by Nekomata Okayu it was around 700k views. It’s now at over 3.5M views. I think people just started noticing her talent and I’m glad I had a little something to do with that. She also has this amazingly smooth delivery in her voice, that soothes the listener. Warmth. If I had to say one thing about her vocals it is “warm.” Such a smooth cat. And, she’s so humble and comes off as the friend you wished you had in your life.

And then this song dropped, the online community stood still, mouths fell open and agape, hearts raced, and the masses gathered. With this introduction of Gawr Gura, I was instantly in love with her voice, as were many other shrimps.

Gawr Gura became an instant sensation with this song (millions of views across YT), and it has been re-mixed by the best of YT (YouTube)

It was an instant hit and this young woman has been the fastest growing V-Tuber with subscriptions about to hit 2M (maybe by the end of today?). In only around three to four months. Her voice is one of the main reasons, but there’s also the fact she is multi-talented with a warm personality, humorous and quick wit, and then cute in presence.

But that voice!

This was during an encore performance of a private concert. Thankfully, this person uploaded.

And then this song dropped and I had it on repeat. She actually upped Adam Levine here.

Gawr Gura during her over 120,000 live stream concert.

Amazing and one-of-a-kind smooth. It is in how she allows the end notes to hang softly on the edge of a beautiful tonal quality. That tonal quality – damn! I haven’t heard tonal vibrations like this since Karen Carpenter. Whether she’s singing Sinatra or a light jazz piece, she was born from a different era.

This! This right here, is one of her main reasons for the popularity. Funny girl with the voice of an angel.

I don’t hear many voices that stand out. I hear lots of songs, but not voices that are so distinct you hear and say, “That’s so-and-so.” Instant recognition. There was Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Karen Carpenter, and Judy Garland. Today, I might be pushing it to say Adam Levine and IU, but you just don’t get the vocalists that hit you hard in your heart and soul. They all kind of sound the same.

But this young shark girl and the cat persona, you just haven’t had smooth and unique like this for awhile. I don’t know who is behind the avatar, but I want them to know they are amazingly talented vocalists.

Here’s Okayu doing a better rendition than the original vocals from Back Number.

Okayu puts so much emotion into this song

This is during a karaoke stream, so this is her raw vocals (no reverb or anything), but she was pretty amazing. Her karaoke streams are archived, unlike the HoloEN group songs that are always un-archived.

And then the best version of Lemon was done by Okayu, once again.

I liked the acoustic background she used on this version.

How could a singer be this smooth an be so unknown?

Please enjoy these two and I hope to hear more of their singing in the future. They’ll never gain the popularity of Taylor Swift or Maroon 5, because of their chosen media representation, (one never knows in this day and age, of course) but they will definitely captivate my ears, soul, and heart. Wow. Please subscribe to their channels: Gawr Gura and Nekomata Okayu.

I hope you all find what you’re searching and seeking for, and have a good week! 🙂

Love you Gracie! Don’t overdo it. 😉 ❤

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