A New Year Without…

I have been writing a lot of poetry. I’m trying to write a new song on the ukulele for someone else’s heart. They shared to me thoughts of their soulmate, and it made me think of a few poems, and some sets of lyrics, but then… then?

Time to put this baby to use

I just wasn’t sure because I can’t really speak for another’s heart. For myself, mine is rather ragged and torn apart. (Loving those rhymes?)

I was told by someone I care very much about that they don’t know what love is any more. I’ve heard that a lot. I’m a bit aged, and so I think I have truly felt love, but then was it real? Do we really know love? If our soul mate walked up to us, would we know? Would they pass by and we’d feel too scared to say, “Hey, there’s just something about you that draws me in and I don’t know what it is…? Your soul… it sings to me.”

In this day they’d probably call a cop and say you’re a creeper. Haha. If you’re a guy that would probably happen. Women, for some reason, get away with being a bit more bold. Men can’t be bold in this age. People have become hyper sensitive. The age of romance and those movies where people were bold in the 40’s and 50’s are now gone.

It’s my year? Really? By the way, is this an ox?
Photo by Sharath G. on Pexels.com

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to promote some type of rape culture or something. I’m simply asking, “Are we allowed to be brave with our hearts nowadays? Are we?”

A poem. The first of many for this Year of the Ox. I’m an Ox, so this year I will sing.

A New Year Without…

I’m not sure what to sing

This year has forgotten all my songs

And the world that once revolved

Feel like it became a settled resolve

My hope is all but lost

Looking back to what was lost

I once held them close and dear

Now my corners bring bout new fears

The weather turned colder, as winter appeared

Just as suddenly as I faced a new and daunting year

What lies ahead?

What cries I dread?

My soul at times can’t bear

Another day without her near

And sullenness seems an actual trait

Filling my days with empty calories for my plate

Living each day barely getting by

On too fondly known questions

Like When, What, and Why

This year my only hope is for…

…And then I stop before answering

Because I am no longer sure

That’s my New Year poem so far. I have another one. This one is a bit depressing. I’m a depressing person.

I had a goal for 2020 to reach the end of this year with 100 followers on this blog. I’m short two followers. I think I’ve fallen short of my goal. If you would like to follow me and push me to that 100 mark, I would greatly appreciate. If not, then what can I say? Thank you for reading to this part.

Please have a wonderful New Year of joy, love, grace and kindness! May you all find what you seek and what you search for this year.

Have a good night’s sleep Gracie and feel better. 🙂 ❤

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