Christmastime Is Here

There are some great versions of this song. Just some quick song posts for the holidays. I just got some news to truly top off the end of this year. Life truly gives you yin and yang.

Christmastime is here, whether you’re ready or not

And so, I hope next year is better for everyone.

One of my favorites, and from one of my favorite Christmas shows. Ah, the memories.

I don’t know who this young lady is, Daniela Andrade, but I love her version, despite her getting one of the verses slightly incorrect – but the recover was unnoticeable.

And the doggo makes it 100 times better. I used to sing to my little Fuzzy and still miss her. She’s the beautiful little Pom on the side there.

I’m going to play this version on my ukulele today. I probably won’t record. And then below is a hidden gem on YouTube. He’s an amazing jazz pianist.

Jason and Mel

This version needs more attention. Check out Daniela Andrade and Jason Lux. They’re pretty amazing.

And then since 2020 was so horrendous for most, here’s an iconic scene that I hope you all enjoy. May all your troubles be a million miles away.

That sad little face of Margaret O’Brien really makes you have the feels. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year. So, have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

This is from some unknown person I have no idea who she is, but she’s this amazing songwriter. I think she’ll be adding more music to her site eventually….

Okay, yeah I threw in this last video as a self-promotional plug. I really do miss you though. ‚̧

Merry Christmas y’all!

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