Weekend Is Nigh in Nostalgia

I love Christmas music and many of the old standards.

I recently placed a playlist on my YouTube channel. I only have playlists and removed my original songs. I need to figure out how to edit better, and then I’ll start placing some original music over there.

I like those socks! Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

So much to do and so little time, it seems.

I celebrated a birthday yesterday. Time, how it flies? I’m older but sound the same, in my opinion. I hope I am aging gracefully.

So, my playlist is titled, “In the Lounge.” I love listening to this playlist. It’s my kind of tunes.

Old? Yes, oldie music is my kind of music. It makes you want to sit by a fire with the one you love, listening to the crackling logs, sipping on a nice wine, or cocoa if you prefer, and gently kissing the one you love. To feel their warmth beside you and knowing you might just fall asleep to a classic tune is nice, no?

What’s funny is, I was not born back in the old days of crooners and sexy bossa nova, or the French scene of Edith Piaf and Michel Legrand. But my mom belonged to a music club, and we’d get albums in the mail all the time since I was born.

Those albums were always in the background playing. I was the one placing them on the old turn table, listening to skips when they got too old, and making sure they were on continual play. Man, some music makes you feel so nostalgic. The Getz/Gilberto collaboration and Frank Sinatra’s Stranger’s in the Night, specifically Summer Wind, would be on repeat.

And then I found this fantastic gem. A bunch of collabs with Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra.

Oh my gosh, Meditation sung by Frank Sinatra. Wow. I want to sing this karaoke version. I found one and if I didn’t live with a roomie, I’d be playing all of these along with Wave by Jobim, and singing along.

Author Update

So, as I’ve shared I wrote some books. I’m working on a novel titled, Lamia. It’s a retrospective piece and tragic love story. I love writing this book. It’s about an old Lamia who must find a new Lamia to pass on her curse. It’s my own mythos. Yin and yang, cause and effect, and all actions cause a reaction. Blood given and blood taken both have their own result.

Where vampires, faeries and lamia’s dwell, perhaps.
Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovskyi on Pexels.com

All my stories run along the same Therianthropic Mythos I created – or use – not sure. I have another story about The Last Faerie. And then a dystopian story, Vampire’s Paradigm. These all work in the same mythos. I’ll work on these this year and hopefully publish by the end of 2021.

Hopefully, the world will not burn away before I publish them. But one never knows with how things are going. (Repeat: I will not talk of politics. I will not talk of politics. I will not complain about the pittance the kings are throwing to us peasants.)

Life Update

How’s life going for all of you? You all doing okay?

I am not always okay. Quite often, I am not okay. I feel like I am walking on a string across a canyon and the slightest bit of extra weight, or breeze, will push me off, and falling to my demise.

Balancing on a tightrope

Sorry, people don’t want to hear that, do they?

If you’ve read this far please follow or like, but mostly I’d love your opinion on the comments.

My most popular blog posts, and most comments, are still on my rantviews of K-dramas. Hah, I haven’t been watching many lately because I’ve been busy. I might take it up again later, but haven’t had a desire to sit and watch anything. Grace keeps telling me to watch The Queen’s Gambit, and I would love to check that out and the new season of The Crown. But… time. Time is a precious commodity these days.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend of good things and holding the ones you love. I hope you all the best, I truly do. Please continue to move forward and always seek and search that which is true.

Love you Gracie! Sleep well! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

3 thoughts on “Weekend Is Nigh in Nostalgia

  1. Wow, you have sure been busy! The stories you have going sound great! I wish I had more time to write, I used to write a lot when I was younger. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time 😦 Life seems extra difficult these days.
    I have not heard of The Queen’s Gambit, but The Crown is one I’ve been wanting to watch but that’s hard when I normally don’t watch much tv.

    I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday season Val!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot to reply to your here. Hey Ang, thank you for the comment. I hope you had a fantastic holiday! Let’s hope we both have a good 2021. 🙂

      1. Thanks Val! We had a good Christmas but I sure can’t wait until all the holidays are over! I will be ringing in the New Year in bed since I work early New Years Day but for me, 2020 is already over LOL I’m clocking out early on this year haha.

        Happy Holidays to you!

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