The Soul of Fall – A Poem

I truly felt called to write this poem. It’s funny. I love Fall, or is it Autumn? Which do you prefer? I’ll just stick with Fall.

It is my favorite season. If I could just live in Fall I would be happy. There are gentle rains. The colors. The crisp air. The smell. It made me write one of my favorite songs. I always fall in love in Fall (pun time).

In southern California, where I grew up, Fall was actually all of winter and not just Fall. “It never rains in southern California and there are no winters,” you can quote me on that. Fall was actually two seasons long.

Don’t you want to just run on those crunchy leaves? Photo by Pixabay on

I think the Christmassy feeling also was borne from Fall. I still start playing Christmas music around early November because I feel such warmth at this time of year.

Anyway, here it is. Another poem from Intermission Poetry.

The Soul of Fall

My soul felt healed by the browns and greens of Fall

The blue not as bright as spring and summer, nor even winter’s silver

My soul ached when it watched them appear in the light of the morning

Ah, it was finally here, the song I’d been waiting to hear

All those beautiful tones and sounds, a light rain in the distance

Calling us to calm, as winter holds off a little longer

I walk through the colors, all gentleness surrounding me

Oh, my soul she sings a longing tune

As I watch her colors in their warmth

Shades of green, and brown, and blues demure; silenced by the sun

The earth rotates and my soul is stroked by the breeze

As I make my way through the forest of Autumn colors

I continue walking and listening for the sound of her voice

She sings gently and calmly behind and I turn

To see the colors of brown, and green, and faded blues

To see Fall is once again the calmest of the seasons

Meditation in my thoughts and growing lost

In this sea of quiet and introspection when I smell the leaves

Underneath my steps, crunching and crisply playing

When I stroll, I hum to the sound of the leaves

Closing my eyes, captured by each moment of sound

The fragrance of Fall and the sound all surround

I smile until she gently takes my hand and tells me it’s time

Let us move forward onward until winter makes her presence hide all of this

The browns, and greens, and quiet blues

Will then sink to the ground, falling asleep until

A brighter hue of birth will be

Until then, the gentle kindness that is Fall will continue to carry

To the end of time when I rest in its gentleness

Hoping I go gently into that dark night as it encompasses me

Like poetry written long ago, that I hold so dear

Words spoken during times of turmoil not much different than now

And I hope I go gently rather than frightfully

That is why the soul of Fall encompasses my all

And all that I feel is calmed by her sound and her song

That beautiful one that exists in Fall

That beautiful soul that makes meaning of my all


A Fall’ish Christmas Song – always the first song I would play to start off the season:

Truly the best version of this beautiful song, sung beautifully by Nancy Wilson

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment if you like. Please leave a like. I’m trying to reach 100 follows by Christmas and so if you’d like to follow me around please do.

Have a wonderful Fall day of love and life, and finding all that you seek. 🙂

Love you Gracie! Sleep well. 🙂 ❤

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