Should I… Be Controversial?

So, I took off a couple of mental health days from work. Mainly because the job is driving me insane. My sanity is tenuous as it is, and now I have to place outside influences to my thin veneer of saneness, and that just wasn’t a good outcome.

Happy birthday! Sanity is my gift to you. Photo by Anna Shvets on

Recently it was my son’s birthday and so, as a gift to him, I wanted him to have a relaxed and non-crazy mum for once.

Those who read this blog know – I work a lot of hours in customer service. I think…. hm… yes, I think.


Wait, so I work a lot of hours helping elderly people. I am going to be controversial. This will be very controversial. Ready?

Seriously, are you ready?

I’d say over 80% of American elderly are dumb (and it would seem most reside in Florida and Pennsylvania), and just plain stupid. There. I typed it. I have been putting off typing this statement because I know you should not make blanket statements. If you live in Florida or Pennsylvania… I am sorry. I am truly sorry for you. Are you doing okay? Is there something in the water? Are you all being slowly poisoned? Is there a brain worm in the water system? I mean… really. Are you all okay in those states?

Elderly and religious? Double whammy

Elderly in a nutshell (read the italicized in an old person’y voice):

“Why can’t I write a check?”

Have you heard of this thing called a computer? Yes, with this newfangled thing you can place your information on this encrypted site and pay directly. You don’t have to mail in an actual check. Have you heard of direct deposit? It’s a cool new way to get paid.

“Why can’t you just mail me a thousand-page book with this information?”

Have you heard of the internet? They have websites with all of that information easily accessible.

“I want you to send me a letter in the mail. I need a physical letter or it’s not real.”

Have you heard of email? It’s a thing now. You can easily print out stuff. Amazing.

They can’t believe that we have moved past using paper and checks in the last 20 years.

Welcome to the 21st century! Did you realize we are a fifth of the way into this new millennium old person? I see. The internet is bad? Got it. It’s evil? Got it…. ohhhhhh kay.

You got this, yo!
Photo by Prateek Katyal on

But from my last 10 years or so, working in elderly care and also working in customer service and in healthcare in general, I stand by this statement: Americans in general are really stupid people… especially from those two states. And the Midwest and deep south? Don’t get me started.

Look at our voting record. That could be placed in an evidence bag. Overwhelmingly, our elections have been decided by people over the age of 50.

I do, however, meet some kind and smart elderly people. It’s rare, but they do exist. They even exist in those aforementioned states. I’d like to think I am one of those who are trying their darndest to learn new things.

Okay, so fun story: I have a really youthful voice. I sound like I’m maybe in my 20’s or 30’s. I don’t know why. When I talk on the phone people think I’m some kid. Maybe because I’m so short, or because I tend to gravitate toward what young people usually watch and listen to in way of music and entertainment? I don’t know why. And so, when I tell elderly people I’m (insert older age) they get very respectful suddenly. It’s so weird.

That was it. That was the story. I know – boring.

Probably the worst type of calls are from the “Karen’s” and the “Kevin’s.” The elderly version are called, “Susan’s” and “Richard’s.”

She looks like a “Karen,” since she ruined Star Wars.

I’m calling the male obnoxious boomers “Kevin.” And if they are from the east coast? Well, I’d just like to hang up and call it a day. I look at their address and say… “Uhhhhh, give me a minute.” I have to mentally prepare for the call.

I figure male boomers need a moniker so I started calling them “Kevin” because it started with a “K.” I’d hate to leave them out. They have given me oodles of eyerolls and placing my phone on mute. I have even hung up on the ones who use vulgar language directed to me. They can call back and speak to someone who gives a &$*#.

Do you know why you like being around positive people? They are nice. If you meet a genuinely nice person you are blessed. I have known a lot of genuinely kind and awesome people in my life.

I think… I think I used to be a genuinely nice person. Lately, I feel like I’m not very nice. I want to stop working in this type of work and be positive again. I want my heart to grow two sizes larger this Christmas. I’ve become such a Grinch.

Some might say, “Well, just be positive.” “Don’t let it get to you.” “Why don’t you just be happy?”

Sigh. I don’t know why. I don’t know why I can’t be happy right now? Is it really just this depressing job? Is it just my depression and anxiety?

Well yeah, I can blame the job a lot because when I didn’t work in customer service I was a nice person and I was known for my thousand-watt smile.

I think my lesson is – run. Run from humanity. Seriously. Just… go to a mountain and veg. Be a hermit. Yeah, be a neet.

Haha, okay I’m just kidding mostly. But a vacation and a break is necessary in life. If its getting to you, you need a break. And so, that’s why I’m on a break right now.

I want to tell you all: If you chat with me or say “Hi” I will be nice. I don’t turn the other cheek if you smack me or insult me. I just turn and walk away. I’ve learned to be quiet and not respond. If I get quiet – I’m probably bothered by something. Or, sometimes I’m just quiet.

All of this is leading up to an announcement I will be making in about three days… possibly. I am waiting to hear some good news.

Also, I’m about to finally clean my apartment. That’s amazing.

Thank you. I hear your applause on that announcement of cleanliness. It makes you closer to God.

I might even take a shower.

Hah, kidding. I take showers.

And my song to bring a smile to your face.

I’ve been writing to a lot of Joe Hisaishi lately. This one, Nostalgia, is one of my favorites.

Okie dokes, y’all have a good day of seeking and searching and finding your happiness! Mwah!

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

3 thoughts on “Should I… Be Controversial?

  1. 🤣 Yup, you definitely need a break! I just don’t understand why so many people are assholes. And if they’re not yelling at you they’re don’t understand a word you’re saying.

    I have lost faith in the public for the most part. After this last weekend at work I’ve just had it with humans.

    Your post made me laugh but I’m sorry you have to put with so much 😢 Enjoy some time off and I hope you hear the good news yours waiting for!

      1. That’s all we can do! Most of the time I can see the entertainment in the situation, but other times my anxiety is too much

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