Gura keeps bringing in Record Numbers with Guraoke Streams

Gawr Gura is an amazing V-Tuber. She not only is hilarious, can button mash with the best of them, but has the voice of an angel shark. This is how her Guraoke stream started, and it just kept getting better and better as she filled another football stadium with the Hololive record for largest viewing of a karoake stream hitting nearly 120,000 sitting to watch her perform behind an avatar on a Thursday night. It wasn’t even a weekend.

First song of the night, and it just kept going
Have you seen this shark?

Her membership (1.35 M subscribers in barely two months) is growing like crazy with her amazing hidden talent. Let’s face it, she is one of the best voices on YouTube. This could just be my opinion, but rarely have I spoke to someone who listened to her sing and didn’t silently feel their heart beat a little faster in amazement of her talent. Who is this kid, and where was she hiding?

She had a karoake concert – or what I like to call “Guraoke” – on Thursday night (a.k.a. Saturday) and consistently had around 115,000 to 120,000 viewers. It wasn’t an archived concert and so, if you missed it you missed it. Her voice continues to improve and she grows more confident with each stream. An added reason she should impress is this is a natural talent. Can you imagine if she went through vocal training? She just likes to sing and was born with this amazing tonal quality.

Those who follow her, or fans, are considered shrimps or chumbuds. And, when she stated its now Christmas her chat was filled with Christmas tree emotes that turned it a lovely evergreen as she sang It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Christmas trees are just around the corner

Of course, there are the faithful few who clip songs and place them on their site for our ears to be blessed once again. Sites like Hololive Sings and Blue Awoo. The latter has great comical edits of most of the HoloEN group.

Anyway, these V-Tubers are talented humans who entertain behind an avatar. Us Japanophiles, who like Anime Waifu’s and love everything about the culture of Japan, not just anime, can appreciate the persona of an anime girl. It’s cute – plain and simple – they are adorable.

I wanted to make this a short post in recognition of this feat by Gawr Gura. Its impressive. Hololive has become an impressive force of talent on YouTube and I hope others will check out the fantastic entertainers that are more than a “cute” anime girl. They’re a talented bunch of artists who do improvisational comedy, communicate, sing and are completely unscripted as they make the viewer laugh. And, shameless self-promotion is that my fastest growing and most popular fanfic right now happens to be about these characters.

I hope you check them out. And now here are my three favorite songs of the night, and a bonus:

I love this version
I had never heard this song before
She shows more vocal strength in this song

Oh wait, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Just like every Christmas I will eventually post some of my fave Christmas songs and a Christmas poem, but for now Gura kicked off the season:

Please enjoy the music and I hope you all have a fantastic week of seeking and searching and finding what you love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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