Can’t Believe It Happens to Me – Sunday Poetry

Do you feel like the world will simply crumble on your head?

Do you wake up and think this can’t be true?

You plow away at your field like a good farmer

The plants all grow as they should – yep, yep sprouts all look good

But the storm comes, the winds, and the rain, and the lightning, and the snow

And soon, it’s all gone; you watch it simply go

Was that a tornado that just passed by – no, just bad luck

Standing there akimbo, stroking at your beard

Perhaps hair that suddenly appeared, as you aged

And you think to yourself and scrape at your head

Sorry, I’m a goof

Ah, dandruff is new and so is that weird looking bump

Never expecting but fully suspecting age might be the culprit

You stroke at your mustache, it’s November after all

“Movember,” thank you very much; apparently a month for all hairy lips

You kiss in the morning that sweetie you love so much

But that cutie was a vapor you simply dreamed – ah, where’d she go?

You roll over on your side, that lump you simply can’t hide

Its grown immeasurably larger and you glance in the mirror

Will it disappear tomorrow… if I pray?

No, because life passes and you live and that’s just how it is

Can’t believe it happened to you?

Well, yes, yes it’s true – its happening to you

This is no blankie – I’m a Jedi

With a smile and a gleam your eyes catch that reflection in the mirror

You haven’t changed a bit, maybe a bit for the better

Maybe a bit for the worse, but still…

It’s still you

So reflect and relax and be happy in the fact

Nobody can believe it happened to them at the time it happened to them

(No worries – I’m very healthy) 😉

I hope you all the best in life of seeking and searching and finding what you love. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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