Need Help Please! Picking a Book Cover

I am thinking of publishing this book by Christmas. It’s titled, That Girl Band. I’m trying to figure out a good cover and so, I was hoping you all could help me pick out the best cover. These are a couple of designs I picked at Canva. What do you think?

Wait a minute, first let’s give you all the synopsis:

That Girl Band

The prologue gives a brief look at the tragic story behind the lead guitarist nine years prior, and then the book begins. It starts out with a death in the first act; you think it’s just a random mugging. But as you read on, you have a murder mystery transpire, and a love interest develop between the investigating detective and the bass player – the murdered lead singer’s girlfriend. Oddly enough, all band mates have their own love stories going on, including the guitarist and the new lead singer. There is also the drummer and bestie of the guitarist, who finally finds a guy she can fall in love with and all kinds of stuff happens in between, as That Girl Band starts gaining popularity with a new manager. All four of the band mates learn to live and love, and make music until the climactic ending, when there might just be a murder in the final act.

Yes, it’s a soap opera. I can’t help it. I love soapy stories. Originally, it was a CW script – hah, just kidding.

There it is. I like this one, but its not very original. I’ve seen it used for other books. I like the shoe choice. (Grace likes the shoes too.) Always great to use cool shoes.

And this one. I like the brick wall background – it reminds me of denim. I kind of prefer this background, but maybe the other book cover looks more professional.

This is why I need help. I’d appreciate input and thank you. Should I go more for a murdery look?

May you have an awesome week and not work too hard. Enjoy seeking and searching and finding what you love. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “Need Help Please! Picking a Book Cover

  1. Personally I like the brick one more then the first one, it gives a kind of ambiguity. However the first one I think conveys what you’re trying to sell better, if someone already knew what they liked, romantic soapy stories, they’d be likely to tell just from looking at it. But as someone whose preferred genre isn’t that, the brick one would at least make me want to read the back for a synopsis whereas the first cover would probably make me keep looking.

  2. I also prefer the brick background. Not that you should judge a book by its cover but if I were looking at choosing one of these to read without knowing what they were about, I would pick the wall.

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