So Much TeeTee – Okakoro & FestivaLuna B-Day Songs


Okay, so I have a problem. I really like V-Tubers. It is a treasure trove of lesbian stories that write themselves. (Visit the r/hololive yuri subreddit.) I’ll place a list of my top 10 fave couples at the end of this post.

Okayu, Okayu, Okayu…

My fave is Okakoro, of course, since I wrote an ongoing fanfiction about them (it’s not very good, but its my mindless fun). I’m also writing a little humorous ongoing fanfiction about Aqua and Shion, another of my fave couples. I eventually want to write a crackfic with Usada Pekora – just because I love her.

[By the way, on a side note: My crackfic’y FF story, Leah’s Last Stop was nominated as one of the “top 10 Twilight Fanfics to read.” I thought that was kind of cool.]

I also realize my most popular blogs are about K-Dramas, bad TV shows (Batwoman is my most popular post ever, and rantview), and V-Tubers!

#1 in my heart and soul: Korone, Pekora, and Okayu
Questions a psychopath might ask: When will he die? Why isn’t he dead yet? Die already, will ya?

And so, I was wondering what to write next. It was either about GH – “When Will Mike Finally Die? He’s Eating Up the Scenery” – but that might be in bad taste; or, about our political climate (depressing) and a tweet I read by a fellow Andrew Yang fan that I agreed with but he got a lot of hate for it (I’ll write it later); or, V-tubers because it’s truly an addiction.

I have a problem.

I went with my addiction, always a worthy endeavor. Addictions need to be fed. Did nobody realize this?!

Truly the best, George Carlin

Honestly, if you read anything I’ve written in the past, I think the comedy and skits of the 70’s were great because they knew how to make fun of our status quo, stereotypes, and people being dumb without everyone micromanaging every detail of “why.” Maybe its just because its funny. Maybe its because sometimes you have to just laugh at others and yourself. Look in the mirror and laugh – you’re pretty funny-looking. Humans are really weird.

Speaking of which, I like to go off-topic. My bird friend is now being bullied by this other bird that is fatter and meaner. I want to go out there and beat up the fat bird, but I know my little weakly and sickly bird is living in the bird-eat-bird world and I can’t really do much. Fortunately, my little bird friend finally starting sticking up for herself. Good. Good. Go to the dark side Birdie. Kick that bird’s fat ass.

That bird is amazingly fat – take him out!

Do you know what? We all live in the bird-eat-bird world right now. Did you notice? Anybody notice?

Wow, this got all morbid. On with the TeeTee!

A lot of V-Tubers are having birthdays in October and so their lovers, friends, sisters, and what makes it easy for us lesbian shippers, got a lot of good TeeTee moments (teetee means “precious”).

TeeTee Time

Okayu made a special birthday video for her lover (wink wink – sure, just friends), Korone. While streaming a horror game video, Okayu randomly mentions how she is spending time with Korone, and so… well, you can see why everyone ships them the most.

Aw, that was sweet and I knew that song was familiar. It’s a cover from K-On.

And then Matsuri made a vid for Luna’s birthday and despite it saying “sister” that’s some sisterly love. She wrote in the comment for the video, “To the one I love the most in the world. Happy Birthday.” Kawaii!

They are known as FestivaLuna. I think they’re friendship seems very special and sweet.

Did you like those? Okay, so here are my top 10 fave ships from Hololive:

  1. Okakoro (Okayu+Korone)
  2. Noel/Flare
  3. Gawr Gura/Amelia Watson
  4. Botan/Lamy
  5. Aqua/Shion
  6. Marine/Me (heehee) – only fantasy Waifu Grace – don’t kill me. (Grace is secretly very yandere, just sayin)
  7. FestivaLuna (Matsuri and Luna)
  8. Haato/Haachama and Watame
  9. Calliope/Kiara
  10. Ina/Amelia Watson

I hope you have a fun and happy weekend of love, kindness, seeking and searching, and finding what you need. πŸ™‚

Love you best Waifu Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

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