Hololive, Novels, and Fanfics

This may be a delusion of grandeur, but I truly think of myself as a writer. I really did write some good articles when I was a content writer. I really did publish that little book of bad poetry, and a YA novel that’s a whimsical adventure. And, if you look over to the side there I really did write those lyrics and music. I suggest you listen to God’s Sweet Time (I wrote it in 15 minutes and amazed myself) or On the Outside, which is a worthy statement of the world today. Of course, Everything About You I Simply Miss makes me think of Grace lately.

My beautiful guitar, Taka

Over there are very few of the myriad songs that I’ve written in my lifetime; but I love to write. I love to play my guitar and ukulele, and just about any instrument lying around. I love to be creative. I don’t have that great of a voice, but always thought songwriters never needed a good voice (thinks of Neil Young and Burt Bacharach).

This will be a bit of an update post

I have had a few novels complete and sitting around waiting to be edited and given attention. I call them ChickLitLesbian and that made my son laugh. One is a murder mystery/romance thriller, another is an erotic thriller, and the other is a Sci-fi Comedy. Something always comes up and then that next shiny little thing catches my attention, and I start playing with that attention-grabbing pastime. But in the back of my mind, I know if I’m going to make a living as a novelist, I have to actually publish those novels. Editing eludes me.

Editing eludes you, you say?

Lately, its been Hololive.

Well, who wouldn’t, right? They are cute little animated Waifu’s. It’s an entertaining troupe on YouTube and you’d be crazy not to enjoy the entertainment value of Hololive and how they get zanier, more creative, and much more likable. The actresses who portray them have breathed into their animation a worthy character that any novelist has breathed into their protagonist.

We’re Number 1!
Specifically these two, OkaKoro, the portmanteau of Okayu and Korone

Because of this obsession in the last few weeks I started writing fanfiction again. I had written quite a lot and there are blogs I’ve written on how fanfics in a strange way pushed me out of the closet.

I was awoken this Saturday morning by Minato Aqua announcing her outfit change of her animation. I heard my son watching it and woke. That is a common theme in our apartment. He is laughing and listening to something and its the weekend and I’m wanting to sleep in, but then I hear him and have to wake, grab my coffee, and watch. We’re quite the roommates.

Minato Aqua’s makeover from maid to cute anime girl

In an instant, a whimsical adventure comedy fanfic popped into my head. I wrote it in a second, MA1D Becomes a Real Girl: Misadventures of Minato Aqua. It joins my other fanfic endeavor, OkaKoro is Love, and Then Some….

These are not great novels. Fanfics for me are quick releases of creative ideas because I love the character’s I’m writing about. It’s my writing brain downtime and escapism.

If people like the story I am extremely happy. In fact, because of my suddenly adding to my fanfic site – O.N. Labbit – I’ve had some of my old stuff gather new attention and followers and readers. That’s always nice.

But, I hope to have this first novel published by the holidays. I’ll definitely post an update when that happens. I liked writing it, and when I enjoy writing something I hope that translates onto the page.

And as always, I must end on an amazing song by one of the many talented entertainers of Hololive. Featuring Minato Aqua:

And this one:

Enjoy your weekend of seeking and searching and finding what you desire.

Love you Gracie… always. 🙂 ❤

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