“A Small Book of Whimsy” Excerpt

I wrote a book. Its on sale at Amazon, but I want to remove it because its not formatted well, my cover art was done all wrong, and basically I dislike everything I write once I spend a moment to consider how badly it’s written.

This is the Prologue… that I forgot to place in the book. HAHA I’m such an airhead. The forgotten excerpt written when I was very happy. Please enjoy this little bit of fantasy writing.

From A Small Book of Whimsy:

The Prologue:

Encounter Under a Full Moon

The mountains held an aura of mystery and eeriness at night.  But then, all mountains in the dead of night hold untold things and scariness to a common passerby.  It’s dark and they are looming and so, scary thoughts enter as you are about to climb a mountain.  The nice thing is:  they are close to the stars.  Multiple night lights litter and glitter above.  This was the thought that entered Peep’s mind as she walked on and on, hiking up one side of a mountain and down another.

As she made her way down the other side, the moon was gigantic and full, looking as if she reached high enough, she could nick the bottom with her finger.  And Peeps did try… quite a few times.  Peeps was not the brightest, certainly not as bright as the full moon lit evening.

(How she made it this far without a guide was anyone’s guess.)

These were the mountains at the northern border.  There were also mountains to the south of the border and east and west.  You see, this place was hidden from the casual traveler.  But Peeps entered through these mountains in hope of finding where she needed to be.  At the moment, it was toward something where she needed to go. 

And so… there she went with a small note tucked into her left pocket inside her jacket; her only clue to her destination.

She would pull out the note, “If you find this note then you are the one, I’ve been hoping to meet.  Please come and see me at the village in the middle of the mountains and I will be waiting to see you.”

It was the most glorious note Peeps had ever seen.

She would tuck the note back into her jacket and continue forward.


Blue stood at the edge of the stage where Mayor George-just-George, stood announcing the commencement of the Moon Festival.  Cheers rallied from the crowd of demi-humans, non-humans, and humans.  This small village aptly named, Small, Small Village, was in the midst of a celebration.

As was their custom, all dressed either in a kimono or loosely fit hakama and haori. This many would think of as ancient Japan (for reference), but this was normal festival garb in Small, Small Village.

The moon was full this evening, as Blue stood by the stage, shyly watching and questioning why she ventured from her home deep in the forest at this very evening to take part in a festivity that she had to push herself to attend.  For Blue was very quiet and shy and kept to herself for the most part.  Large groups of people made her feel itchy at her ears, and her hair would change various shades of blue; which, was the reason the entire town called her Blue.  This only made her withdraw further because she didn’t like attention and preferred a quiet life.

Blue stood in her white and flowery kimono as the rest of the crowd chattered or danced to stringed instruments playing in the background.  Everyone was here, Blue surmised, and all were lively and animated. 

She did love her town and the people were very kind, but she would still prefer the quietness of her home in the woods.

As she considered to turn and leave there was a commotion across the stage, as Cheap Chimp laughed very loud and all the others joined, including Zen Zebra who had a distinctively braying and nasally sound when he laughed, and then Gin Ger the burly red-headed pub and tavern owner.

Across the way was a stranger Blue had never seen before who had a crazy head of hair that sparkled as if electrical currents were shooting through the ends of the strands, and very animated as this stranger spoke to the three.

Blue could not hear what they were laughing over or speaking of, but she stepped forward, until nearly touching the stage, and that’s when she spied this new person who glanced over to her.

On Peeps side, she stopped in her tracks when she saw the cutest little bunny girl, she’d ever seen wearing a white flowery kimono and staring at her.  She’d never seen a demi-human like this in her life.

The two stood staring at one another under the brightness of the stars and full moon, and the lit-up stage of colorful tea lights hanging on strings.

Peeps quickly excused herself from the new friends, and made a bee-line straight to the small bunnyesque female.


“Hello,” Blue stated.

“I just got into town and it’s so cool there’s a party.” Peeps grinned so wide Blue felt her heartbeat speed up three times over.  She’d never seen a 30,000-watt smile on any creature in her life.  It nearly knocked her off her feet.

“Let’s dance.”

“I don’t usually…”

“Cool,” Peeps took her hand, “I haven’t danced before either,” guiding her to the stage and then began to move in a strangely poor rendition of dancing, but it made Blue happy and so she danced along just as poorly.

Neither had any idea how to dance, and to a casual observer it was painful to watch.

Soon one dance turned to another, and all the village joined in dancing until almost an hour of dancing had passed.  The night became more and more lively as all laughed and danced under the full moon.  It became the most enjoyable Moon Festival Small, Small Village had ever experienced.

Once a slow number came on, Peeps surprisingly wrapped her arm around Blue, pulling her closely, and whispered, “I think you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life.”

Blue didn’t know what to say, but she tucked in close to Peeps and let her lead as they danced under the moon.

Afterward they finally left the dance floor.  All were telling Peeps how nice it was she came on such a fortuitous occasion and to please stay for a while in town.  She graciously stated that she would consider.

Soon, all the town was dispersing and heading to their respective homes.  Peeps asked Blue if she could walk her home.

Blue responded, “Alright.”

The forest held a magical sense and feeling, Peeps thought.  She scratched at her crazy head of hair and Blue asked, “Do you have anywhere you’re staying?”

“No, but could I stay with you?”

Blue stammered slightly, “but we just met.”

“Did we?  I thought we met a while ago when I first got into town.”

“I meant…”  And Blue wasn’t sure what she meant.  Peeps had a way of making her confused.

“You see, I got this note,” Peeps then pulled out her note that led her to Small, Small Village, “and it read that someone is waiting to meet me.”

“Why that’s…” Blue stared at the crumpled note, “Something I wrote a long time ago.”

“Really?”  Peeps read the note, mumbling under her breath, “If you find this note then you are the one, I’ve been hoping to meet.  Please come and see me at the village in the middle of the mountains and I will be waiting to see you.”

“That’s my note Peeps.”

Peeps handed her the note.

“No, I mean I wrote it.”

“Oh.”  Peeps took it back from her hand.  “Then I guess I can keep it.”  And then she tucked it back into her jacket.  “I’ve grown quite fond of this note.”

“Peeps!” Blue was beside herself.  “When and where did you get that note?”

“It was floating around in the Land of Odds and Ends and I found it and thought, ‘Oh, it’s meant for me because I’m the one who read it’.”

Blue considered what this meant.  Someone actually found her note.

Someone actually found her, and from that moment on they found each other, enjoying life in the cottage in the woods of Small, Small Village.

Blue looked up to the stars in retrospect of that night.  It all came back to her.


A sweet song by Uruha Rushia that makes me think of this excerpt.

This is just a very sweet song.

Thanks for reading and any comments. I hope you are all having a good day of seeking and searching and finding what you hope to find.

Love you Gracie 🙂 ❤

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    1. I was going through old blogs and removing some and realized you wrote this comment. Hahaha. Yeah, you wouldn’t want a serial killer. They can really ruin a day. 😉

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