A Crappy Poem – And Okayu Sings

A Crappy Poem – Don’t Read

Overwhelmed by love and you walk in and I see you and I cry in my heart because you are there and I am here and we are always together.

Overwhelmed by this emptiness when I turn to an empty bed and smell the sheets are losing the scent of a time I recalled when you were here and near and present

Overwhelmed to know I am insignificant on this large world of others that walk by and walk by and look but never see and listen but never hear

Overwhelmed that beauty is apparent when you see it but gone when you look away but then beauty is fleeting… or so, they say

Overwhelmed by my failing that I do it over and over again but never win and only pretend because then I’d be better then

Overwhelmed by the sky as it lights on its own and no one tells it when to shine or go out when to be day or night it does it on its own

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Overwhelmed by the birds as they sing songs never written only performed to take flight and never held back when its dark or its night

Overwhelmed by the ocean as I stand on the sand and I look to the endlessness of each drop of water that gathers and becomes endless reaching the endless sand

Overwhelmed I am so small in this huge universe where if a god would desire, I’d become that ant beneath my shoe and no longer be

Overwhelmed how the gods must be laughing and chiding at me and how much I care more for little things that matter less and bigger things that matter none

Overwhelmed by my losses and hopes and dreams and wishes and losses upon losses that never became because of my own inane-ness

Overwhelmed only to quit and then start and then quit and then start and then … oh fuck it


Hated By Life – unfortunately the best recording of this song is by a V-Tuber during a karoke stream and no music video, but the lyrics are amazing, and amazingly delivered by the V-Tuber, Nekomata Okayu

Okay, so this is a little poem, eh? I hope you all are not being too overwhelmed and just enjoying your day of searching and finding.

I still love you... 🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “A Crappy Poem – And Okayu Sings

  1. You said in the beginning not to read…so I did lol.
    That feeling of overwhelm is a hard one. The last line though, that’s some good advice really. It’s a great way to deal with all this shit happening these days.

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