My Little Bird Friend

There is a little mourning dove who has been sitting on my balcony for around two weeks, that I have been feeding and giving water. She’s become my little bird friend.

There used to be two mourning doves that would sit on my balcony, but they had stopped coming by around a month ago, until this single mourning dove showed up suddenly around three weeks ago.

It began like this…

One morning while working, a mourning dove hit my window hard and fell to the balcony ground. I jumped up and looked around. She was on the balcony floor breathing hard, looking thin and like she was missing quite a few feathers, and so I thought of opening the door to help her, but she flew away once she heard the door handle click.

The next day, the same thing happened. That same mourning dove hit my window and then fell and walked toward my back door like she wanted to come inside. I wondered if I should try and open the door again, but decided maybe it would make her fly away.

I wanted her to rest and so she sat there for like an hour, resting on the floor of my balcony, and then disappeared once again.

And then she stopped showing up for a few days, but it still plagued my thoughts this little bird was out there.

My guess is that she was the partner of the pair that used to sit on my balcony and coo in the morning. It made me want to cry when I realized this was probably the partner who had survived an attack. Some mourning doves mate for life.

And so, I bought a small bag of wild bird feed for pigeons and then used an old plastic bottom for my plants, and filled it with water.

I carried it outside and left it on the balcony and left a pile of feed. I told her if she was still around somewhere, please take this offering and she is welcome to come and rest any time on my balcony.

The next day the little bird came by. And now, every afternoon the little bird comes by, and every day she sits on my balcony, flies down and eats, recuperates and looks at me, and then falls asleep until the sun sets. I wave and tell her, “It’s okay,” and she just sits there for a few hours until the sun sets, and then flies away.

I have no idea where she goes in the evening. I keep wondering if she is my Fuzzy or some other soul come to say hi, but I think she just realizes I mean her no harm and so she will come by and get food and water and rest.

These happy moments make life seem nicer, and yeah, that’s all I wanted to share. My little bird friend story.

Please enjoy your day of simple joys and continue finding what you love. I’m going to go cry again while its quiet and I’m alone.

Take care.

5 thoughts on “My Little Bird Friend

    1. We get a lot of doves out here. This one stayed staring at me work on the balcony all day yesterday. She’s a sweet bird.

      I need to go check on your blog too. I hope you’re doing well. 😀

      1. I haven’t posted since July. Life.
        I’ve had a weird cat staring at me through my window, and a squirrel muttering crazy things at me while I set the table for supper a few times. No sweet birds coming to visit though lol!

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