Down the Hololive Rabbit Hole – OkaKoro and such…

And so, one day a woman watched a video. She laughed. She almost cried. She wondered why. Why am I watching this?!?!?! I’ve lost my mind. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!

I actually prefer Okayu’s version more than the original by Back Number. She actually sings this song beautifully.

These are little avatars speaking – like live animation. This is weird. I’m listening to this song and crying because its sung so beautifully by Nekomata Okayu to Inugami Korone (the two V-Tubers who have been BFF’s in real life until they started playing these online personas and working for Hololive to represent dog and cat with Hololive Gamers).

You watch one and then another, and pretty soon you can’t stop. You’re watching talented people having fun and playing games, putting on skits, goofing off and having fun, dancing, and then singing beautifully. Entertaining the audience. They’re basically an entertainment troupe of comedians, artists, singers and dancers… that also play video games. Well, it is 2020 – of course they play video games.

I’ve watched and subscribed to many YouTubers in the past. I enjoy watching some of the funniest and best like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Oney, and Markiplier. They all moved past merely being Letsplayers to content creators of comedy/music/commentary and allowing people into their lives, as silly as they might be at times.

And so, in this day and age the idea of having a TV station where you watch a variety show on a Friday night with the entire family gathered around the screen is very antiquated. Media has become so available it’s carried around in your pocket and on a more gross level, even while using the toilet.

You what?! Did you wash your hands?

It is no wonder this has become so popular among young people. My age group – sadly boomers, though embarrassed to admit since we’ve ruined the country for the ones who will follow – doesn’t usually get it, but let’s face it, we’re all going to be dead in a few decades anyway.

Hmm… quietly stares into my mortality.

And so, I was reminded of a genre back in the day (meaning like the 70’s) when TV was extremely popular and you’d have variety shows. Does anyone remember that? Variety Shows: Laugh-In, Rowan and Martin, The Smother’s Brothers, The Mac Davis Show, The Carol Burnett Show, and then Saturday Night Live came in and crashed through and you started to see comedy at its finest. I’ve forgotten a lot of those variety shows because I’m old and my brain is deteriorating, but there were a ton of these shows known as variety shows.

I had such a crush on his
songwriting ability

Today you have a lot of reality TV. Its just not the same, except Terrace House. Nobody must speak ill of my Terrace House love.

Anyway, I was watching a stream of someone speaking in a language I honestly do not know. I mean, I’m starting to catch phrases here and there, but I don’t speak Japanese. I’m actually really bad at learning other languages and have only dabbled in learning Spanish and French. I just really suck at it. That’s what I always found so amazing about Grace, is that she knows five languages. That is amazing to me. She’s… amazing.

Why I started writing this is because I’m actually going to write a few fanfiction at my Wattpad (worst site, so maybe not) and sites, dramadies dedicated to these personas, mainly my OkaKoro love; plus, Okayu is a One Piece fan IRL. I’m such a geek and lover of everything One Piece by the writing legend Master Eiichiro Oda. I might even write a quick little crackfic, I’m not sure. I’m enjoying the silliness of Coco and her AsaCoco Show with Kanata, Watame, and Haachaama. There’s also my secondary loves Fubuki, Aqua, Pekora, and then Marine, Lamy and Botan. Also, the real love between persona’s Matsuri and Luna, known as FestivaLuna (there are simply rumors about them) and the mature woman’s love of Noel and Flare. I just wanted to write something mindless and fun.

Sweetness known as TeeTee

I’ve finished my novel, That Girl Band (its finished I’m just editing and find that boring). I’m at a lull in creativity. Possibly because I’ve been getting really tired of work, and work, and working, and working is getting very cloistering and that agoraphobia, for some reason, actually kicks in despite me being alone on a phone. It’s weird. There’s just so many people calling right now and its non-stop for 10 hours and its driving me a little insane – not like I’ll go out and shoot a neighborhood insane – more like I might randomly just quit. And I can’t afford to do that.

Anywho… sigh, Grace ghosted me and I’ve been really sad. She was my oasis in this world and now I’ve kind of been drifting. Wow, I didn’t think I’d type that and keep it there. Two years and more and then… nothing. More than anything I hope she is alive and well. I just don’t know and my depression is off the charts but I’ll only tell this blog.

I’m that drifting log

I hope her the best in life because she truly deserves the best. She was the absolute best. I still love her but sometimes love isn’t enough in life. I’m just a poor schmuck who writes words and music and poetry, and that’s not enough to live on these days or be loved for these days.

Wow, this ended up a different kind of blog.

Anyway, please catch the Hololive universe and possibly enjoy that trip down the rabbit hole.

Have a great day of seeking and searching and finding what you love. 🙂

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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