Learning Japanese – V-Tuber Style

I don’t know Japanese.  My son has a basic ability to understand and read Japanese; in fact, he’s been getting really good.  And, he told me why….

He started telling me about V-Tubers and I wasn’t sure I’d want to watch anything they produced.  It seemed silly.  Animated people?  What is this, Gorillaz?gorillaz  (Yes, I love this band!)

But yeah, similar idea.  They are multi-talented young Japanese women who pick an avatar to represent them on YouTube.  They never show their faces and remain anonymous. This is for their own protection, and also it continues a brand of entertainment that is fairly young since its inception.

One V-Tuber in particular, Kizuna Ai, of the A.I. Channel, began in December 2016 and it just caught on.

kizuna ai
Breaking barriers

She became so popular that she was appearing on shows all over the world.  The original Kizuna Ai, Nozumi Kasuga, left being the icon within this last year, I think?  She has her own YouTube channel (in her human form) that’s just random stuff,  and a new person has replaced her.  But, she was a trail blazer that made V-Tubing possible for young women today.

I was watching a YouTuber I enjoy, Gigguk, talk over how he was learning Japanese watching V-tubers and my son told me the same thing.


These are real people, after all, conversing in Japanese – only represented with an avatar.  Conversational Japanese then becomes much easier and relatable.

And so, I began to watch a video, and then another, and then another, and now I’m kind of hooked.  As you know, I love Asian music, and many of the V-Tubers are idols and sing fantastically.  They are, after all, entertainers.  Many dance, sing, are artists, animators, cartoonists, rappers, lyricists, and amazingly crush it playing video games.  Any Weebo’s dream!

I love Doog Slayer!  She’s my favorite V-Tuber known as Korone.  She is also the other half of the most popular portmanteau, OkaKoro (do a search).

doog slayer

It’s no wonder many watch a V-Tuber and can only dream one day of picking their perfect Waifu.  They are very cute avatars, but you know you are watching and listening to the multi-talented actress behind the avatar.  Unless… you’re kind of crazy?

Hololive – My Choice of Late

I do have favorites, as does my son, but I usually love the ones who can sing really well.  Though, there is a sheep that raps – my son’s favorite – and she’s really good.  Headbanging sheep Watame

She’d give Eminem a run for his money.  This next video is my favorite because the lyrics were originally written by the idol that possesses Suisei (a.k.a. Suisopath).

I really like this message at this time in the world.  She is talented, no?  She has my favorite voice and unbelievably, she is one of the best Tetris players in the world.

You also have J-rockers like Aqua – another of my son’s favorite V-Tubers.  Her channel grew the fastest and this might be the most viewed of the songs.

For comedy, there is a very raucous and unfiltered comedian, one that was actually raised in the state of Georgia, and she is believed to be half Japanese, Coco.  She’s unapologetically funny.  WARNING: She has some very colorful language.

She does comedy shorts, meme reviews and basically s*%^posts – pulling all of the young V-Tubers into her antics.  She does a series called AsaCoco Live commercials and I suggest if you like funny women, you’ll enjoy her humor.  She’s known as the Chairman of the Hololive crew.  She speaks English, Spanish and then Japanese.

These are my three favorite designs, Pekora (the bunny), Korone (the doog), and Okayu (the cat).  This is their 3-D designs doing a cool dance number.

I kind of love anything Korone does, and she just recently hit over 700,000 subscribers! Congrats to the doggo!

And “I am Scatman!” is how I was introduced to V-Tubers.  Can you believe she has the most subscribers?  Scatman Fubuki, a.k.a. FoxBurgerKing

Yeah… what did I just watch?!  haha  She’s kind of strange.

Anyway, there are so many talented V-Tubers.  I warn you, once you go down the V-Tuber rabbit hole you might not return.  Mata ne for now!

Have a wonderful night of searching, seeking and finding what you love.  I hope I do.

I hope you liked this one, and I love you Grace 🙂 ❤







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