Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

How do you spend your free time?  Down time?  Do you need to chill in your comfiest pj’s or sweats, eat something you know you might regret, but enjoy it anyway? You need to have that warm and cozy drink – though right now you might need a cold brew because of the crazy high temps everywhere – but a drink that is relaxing, as you put your feet up.

Are you relaxing and reading through blogs?  An actual book?

This book is so close I’m seeing double (Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels)

Are you catching up on emails?  Face-timing with a friend far away (something I miss greatly)?  Maybe texting?  Do many of you still make phone calls and talk on the phone?  Please – show of hands?  Not many?

I rarely chat on the phone.  If my job didn’t need me to speak on the phone 10 hours a day, then I would not be on the phone.  I’m partially deaf and it bothers me greatly.  But its work.

If I have to listen to another person say something dumb, get angry because I’m an anonymous punching bag on the other end of the phone, or call because they can’t figure out how to use websites,

GH blog photo 17
Yes, yes you do need account info when you’re calling about an account

handle Googling simple information, or email because modern technology is evil – I mean it; I’m going to write a blog about it!

Haha, I’m kind of kidding.  Oh wait, I did just blog about my frustration – never mind.

Anyway, on my downtime, which is what I had started to blog about, I spend a lot of it watching YouTube videos with my son.  We have that common enjoyment when I’m off work.  I tend to gravitate to humor, but I love informative too. There are sites I just need to watch.  I love OneyPlays.  I mean, Chris, Tomar, Zach and Lyle are hilarious.  When it was Chris with Julian and Ding Dong they were fantastic, but it seems Chris O’Neill has the ability to hang out with naturally hilarious people.  I pretty much watch anything he does because he’s so funny.  His compilations are the best.

And so many great animators have animated their skits.  If you want to laugh he’s worth watching.  There is an amazing amount of animation talent on YouTube.  The above was done by Brandon Turner.  And a  must watch series was done by Cody H. and his series of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast using OneyPlays skits.

For comedy I also enjoy: Pewdiepie, JonTron ShowJLongbone, ShoeOnHead and her other channel Brainlet.

For informative mixed with humor I like these guys.  These are all “must watch” channels: Corridor Crew, Zefrank 1, Internet Historian and his other channel, Internet Historian: Incognito Mode , and Gigguk.   I also like to watch scary videos and for that I’ll watch Chills and his other channel, Top 15s, and Slapped Ham.  And then I have a channel just because its so sweet, KiSH-Log and because of fantastic musical talent I’ll watch Ru’s Piano Ru.

What I had originally wanted to post about was a whole ‘nother can of worms and since this post will get extremely long I’ll end it here.

I hope you all enjoy what little bit of weekend you have left and just chill.

Here’s a song I’ve been enjoying lately and it will lead to the next blog post – VTubers.  Hmm?  My favorite V-Tuber is above: the Doog Slayer and overall cute Inugami Korone.

Take care and be safe, and have a great day of finding what you seek!

Love you Grace! 🙂 ❤




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