A Word on the Wind – Poetry

A Word on the Wind

I’ve been wandering hopelessly through my thoughts

I’ve been trying to distinguish what is real and what is not

Sometimes I wish I could write my words on the wind

Because then they would have life and movement

You would finally hear what I have to say

They float to your side and tell you a secret

You would pull closer and listen until they would fly away

Windswept and weary of traveling so far

Those are my words always trapped by their flaw

Of never gaining momentum, or weight, or clarity

Instead they drift aimlessly attached to nothing that is there

Just as wind never lasts long enough to catch or to hold

My words never meant much and my meaning grows old

Eventually it simply fades into the atmosphere

And when we ask for those words, and we ask because we hear

They were never found, nor were they ever simply there

Because wind always tends to disappear



Thank you for reading.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend filled with seeking and searching and finding what is good.

Love you Grace

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