K-Drama 3 – Because This is My First “Boring” Life, but My Friends are Interesting

Do you love hanging out with planks of wood?  Do you find talking to a wall thrilling?  Are you drawn to monotone voices that lack emotion? Are they happy?  Sad?  Excited? Angry?  No?  I mean… no, really, you honestly cannot tell by the steady timbre of sound coming from their mouth and lack of expression.

Do you find you want to ask, “Excuse me, are you breathing?”

k drama ugly guy 3
I’m super happy right now.  Can’t you see it in my eyes?

Am I missing something?  Is this look attractive?

Your view of handsome and mine are very different.

handsome superman henry cavill
Now THIS is a handsome man!

Has The Big Bang Theory now dictated male leads?  Are unrelatable and irritatingly abnormal personalities in?  (On a side note: I am positive elderly writers over 55 or 65 wrote that gem of a show, The Big Bang Theory because real geeks and gamers would find those characters extremely irritating to hang out with, and their nonsensical nerd-speak that no nerd has ever spoken.  I only heard boomers and elderly people in my atmosphere talk over it being a show they loved.  My kids and the young adults I knew hated the show for its cartoony characterizations.  That should give a clue as to who it actually aimed toward. “Bazinga?”)

But back to this show, Because This is My First Life

The above male lead honestly had no working personality.  I guess they just wanted you to think he’s anti-social?

because this is my first life kitty
My job is complete – now pet me and give me treats

His cat Kitty, played by Woori, was so adorable though.  I loved the cat.  Every scene the cat brought it.  The cat deserved an academy award for pimping the male protagonist so well.

kitty with block of wood
This cat is the extent of my personality

[Below will be major spoilers.  Please do not read on if you want to catch this show at a later time.]

First off, this really is a good show.  I give it a strong 8 out of 10.  I truly enjoyed this show.  My problem was the ending.  The ending took it out of the 9 or 10 range.  I just felt I had to rant about the dumb conflict and ending.  And I’ll try to make this a very quickie little rantview, but I definitely think its worth watching.  So… here goes!

(Woori, you did your job well!)

The female protagonist, Yoon Ji-Ho became unbearable around the last two episodes.  I began to greatly dislike this character, and I realized I’d seen this actress, Jung So-Min in around two other shows where I grew to greatly dislike her character.

Those shows were Hundred Million Stars From the Sky (she dies stupidly) and D-Day (she plays an incompetent doctor that’s scared of sick and injured people).


She was just so unlikable.  She’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but those characters were not my favorite.

because this is my first life shes leaving for a trip
I know this is totally out of the blue but now that you’ve told me you love me I’ve decided to divorce you and leave you to travel the world – though I’m really just going down the street.  I just want to be sure to smash your heart and soul to pieces because I enjoy watching people in pain.  I’m weird and quirky like that.

This was one of the shows that actually hit on all cylinders, despite the male lead lacking personality (thank you Woori).

because this is my first life 3
Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min), Nam Se-Hee (Lee Min-Ki), Woo Soo-Ji (Esom), Ma Sang-Goo (Park Byung-Eun), Yang Ho-Rang (Kim Ga-Eun), and Sim Won-Seok (Kim Min-Suk)

It was reaching my top 10 in way of K-dramas because the dialogue was so well-written.  And I know I’m being nit-picky because this is a good show and worth watching.  But I just need to rant about this ending.


The trio of friends since high school were fantastic.  The two side love stories had me hanging on the edge of my seat.  Please Soo-Ji pick Mr. Ma!  He’s your soul mate!  Ho-Rang and Won-Seok, please kiss and make up – you belong together!!!  You are rooting for all the couples, including the main male and female lead, and then… it falls apart.

because this is my first life soo ji and mr ma epi14
Awwww Soo-Ji and Mr. Ma were so adorbs!

I even got involved in the main love story.  Everything was cute and Rom-com nice.  The kind of nice that brings a smile on your face.  Dialogue was top-notch.  Side characters, with both protagonist’s family’s cast members, the music, and even the supposed side hunk, and side chick, were all great.  This is a good show.

Ho-Rang and Won-Seok after seven years came to the realization of how much in love they were and they were better together than apart.  They communicated.

because this if my first life ho rang end scene
Will you marry me?  I wanted to ask you first. (Ooh, they were such a realistic and sweet couple!)

End of show.  We all laugh.  We all cry.  We all breathe a sigh of relief.

Play fantastic bouncy theme song, lalala lalala lalala lalala.


But no.  NO!

because this is my life perfect ending epi 11
He finally smiled and acted like a human…. by episode 12 to 14, but then……………………..THEN??? AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dumb show and it’s quirky insert of making up conflict to make us all throw things at the screen!

They wrote a really bad conflict – not so much his ex coming back onto the scene, but how they handled the ex coming back onto the scene.  Let’s be clear: it’s all in how they handled the conflict.

The main female character became a ditzy, selfish idiot toward the end of the show and she treated the main guy like an afterthought. She would stare off vacantly and never speak or have a normal conversation.  He did the same thing.  These people were so emotionally stilted.  AHHHHH!  She emotionally destroyed him (decimated, obliterated, and crushed his heart, to put it more aptly).

because this is my first crushing my heart in epi 15
I am a real boy with tears and everything!

It didn’t make sense to me.  A simple discussion, a realization, and boom the show is over with a happily ever beginning.  Why couldn’t she just hold a normal conversation?!?!?!  Why did she just leave?!?!?!  He ended up selling his house because he felt so emotionally ruined.  He wandered around aimlessly.  Poor Woori had to live on the street like a homeless kitty.

because this is my first life woori say what
That bitch be cray cray, daddy

She said she was a writer but lacked appropriate human dialogue.  UGH, you kill me show and trying to force conflict!

because this epi 2 ji ho after attack
Jung So-Min is SO cute, despite looking like she’s 13 – she didn’t have to act like she’s 13.

This caused all unnecessary pain and by the end you think, “Nice, they’re together… so what happened with Soo-Ji, Mr. Ma, and Won-Seok and Ho-Rang?  That’s who I really care about.  F*%& You Ji-Ho!”

because this is my first life soo ji and mr ma children
This was a cute running gag

I continued watching because I was so invested in Soo-ji and Ho-rang’s love stories, despite Ji-ho and Se-hee.

because this epi 2 the cat likes her better
“See what I have to put up with on a Saturday night?” – Woori

I… I… I didn’t know what to say or think.  I wanted to punch Ji-Ho in the face.  I wanted the main male’s ex, played beautifully by Lee Chung-ah,

Lee Chung ah
She played a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman

to punch her in the face and never hire her as a writer.  The ex grew into a mature adult and the main female love interest turned into a teen-ager who wanted to play mind games.  It was so frustrating.

I think my favorite character when all was said and done was the beautiful cat, Kitty/Woori. She stole all the scenes and gave Nam Se-hee personality and character, because he was a block of wood.

Anyway, Woori is so cute!  Isn’t she?

because this is my first life woori end scene
I did my best to make this show worth watching.  I’m very tired now.

Catchiest and fun end song.  This show had such lively and delightful music.

And this was such a beautiful love song.  It has an awesome OST.

Thank you for reading.  I’m sorry I ranted so much, but I did like the show.  Esom, the one who played Soo-Ji, and Kim Ga-Eun, who played Ho-Rang, did fantastic jobs as the two friends.

Now I’ll go catch up on the second season of Stranger.

Have a fantastic night of finding and searching and seeking!  🙂

Goodnight Grace. 🙂 ❤



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