The Letter “K” in Drama – The Beginning of Rantviews

Recently – I hate to admit –  I have been spending my free moments binge-watching K-dramas.

cloy adorkable siblings
There, there, k-dramas won’t kill you

Let me quickly mention how it started.  I had been quite into K-dramas maybe 5 to 10 years ago.  I took a break when the channel I watched free streams of K-dramas disappeared.  There wasn’t a lot of free services left to watch K-dramas, and so l found other things to occupy my TV-watching free time… like Terrace House.

Terrace House needs more seasons

Of course, now that I’m working from home and after quarantine, I started noticing Netflix and Hulu (the two sites I have subscriptions) started slowly adding K-dramas.

And so, like that lobster sitting in boiling water I succumbed to watching one, and then another, and then another, and now I am deeply cooked into their plots, until served up onto the table as a sated fan.  (That probably didn’t make sense.)

Mostly, I become drawn to the actor or actress

– okay, mainly actress – and then I start watching and looking for everything else they have starred in to watch.  Its possibly an OCD thing and I’m not sure, but once I find someone I like, I have to watch EVERYTHING they do.  I mentioned this before on my Stumptown review starring Cobie Smulders.

cobie in stumptown
A beautiful Asian woman walks by, and I’m so quickly forgotten…

Anyway, I started with a show called, Stranger (Secret Forest).  I watched because Bae Doo-na (a.k.a. Doona Bae) from Sense 8 was in the show, and so I was drawn to it; as I earlier mentioned about my obsession.  (Side note: I’ve heard there will finally be a season 2 – woo!)

It’s why Kingdom season 1 and 2 was on my “must watch.”  It’s a fantastic spin on a zombie show, and possibly one of the best I’ve seen. Korean shows always capture the best parts of a genre and spin it in a fulfilling and unique way, it piqued my attention, and I couldn’t stop watching – finished both season 1 and 2 in two days.

doona bae about to fight zombies
Doona Bae as a zombie-fighting physician – heck yeah!

BUT there are a few shows that I watched and they drove me crazy because of crazy plots, boring protagonists, mismatched couples, and drawn out stories that seemed never-ending.

Mainly three: Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class and Because This is My First Life.

I’m going to follow this post with a separate review/rant on those three.  I’ll call them my Rantviews (new word).

First off, I love K-dramas for the deeper search to what makes a person tick, the slow build of a love story, and the fact they mix several genres in a story like real life.  Secondary storylines are given full attention, and sometimes to the point they are more worth watching than the main protagonist’s story (I’m thinking of Because This is My First Life).

kitty with block of wood
The cat was the best part of his personality

The music is, for the most part, extremely good and well-used in many K-dramas (as I’ve written, except for Something in the Rain).  Like a good anime, it becomes part of the ambiance of a good K-drama.  I appreciate the perfection of pulling me into a story and why K-dramas are catching on is because they do this very well.  Don’t get me wrong.  But….

Those three shows haunt me with mostly characters that just drove me crazy.

My first post will be Crash Landing on You, most notable for the RiRi fandom and the acronym CLOY.


The juggling of multiple genres became obtrusive in  Crash Landing on You, but it is was okay – so-so – meh? – despite this problem, in my opinion.

In CLOY, I just found the crashing of multiple genres from the extreme slapstick humor

cloy silly guy 3
goofy delivery boy scene
cloy explosion and hyun bin
guns and explosions

to deadly psycho thriller/hk action film a bit jostling.

Plot was a bit ridiculous and unbelievable, and you do have to greatly suspend reality to watch to the end.  He plays a piano on the edge of a dock?

cloy piano
This would ruin a piano… just saying

Who would put a piano there in below freezing temps while it’s snowing?

There were just so many coincidences of them meeting throughout their lives that it became a joke.  Oh wow, she was there when he was also there?  Oh My Gosh!!!  In Switzerland?!  Amazing!

It was also WAY too long.  Oh my gosh, this show’s episodes just went on and on and on.  I’d be watching and 45 minutes pass… and it’s still going?!  I look and see it’s 60 minutes.  No, the episode is still running!  By 80 minutes, I’ve sat through an entire movie, but that was just one episode.  Just ONE!!!

Oy, I walked away from this show so many times.  It took me so long to get through it the first time that I began to truly hate the show.  I hated the lead couple and every time I saw Ri Jun Hyuk’s (Mr. Ri) sour puss face I wanted to punch it.  (Maybe I have issues.)

k drama ugly guy 4
Why do you want to punch my face? 😦 

But then, I thought since I was so upset why not write a Rantview on the show.  What happened is the show is so much better and enjoyable once you know the storyline and can just skip through all the long drawn out scenes that are unnecessary.  Its actually a good show if you do that.

And so, my first show I’ll write about will be Crash Landing on You.  Please look forward to it on my next post.

For now, goodnight all and I hope you the best in your search for what you want.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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