Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

I don’t know what to blog about, and that’s a really weird title for a blog.

I’ll just write some random streaming poetry.  I think it might be Pride month.  Let’s see, what is politically correct and appropriate to say?  Be yourself and don’t be too judgy, kay?

(Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels)

Everybody walks their own walk and everybody lives their own life.  Don’t worry about other people so much.  Take care of yourself.  Understand we all grow and change and learn.  So, leave the past behind.  Learn to be better to yourself and others, and know yourself more.

Dedicated to my grandbaby, Fuzzy, who passed away two years ago on June 25, 2018.  I still miss you. She was the best and sweetest little girl.  I get quiet around this time and meditate. She had a good life with us – I only wish we could have been together longer.  Love you Fuzzy. ❤


Look How Gay I Am

Look at me

I’m so gay

I look at you

Wish you acted this way?

Jumping out of bed

Tossing on some socks

Indoor slippers are the best

When you live this blessed

Birds chirp on my deck

“You’re so gay!”

“Ain’t that the best?”

Opening the blinds all the way

My plant needs some sun

So I’ll make sure he gets some

And then sprinkle him with water

Whoops – too much!

Can plants drown?

It’s cool cause I’m feeling gay

Getting that old blood pumping through

His blood is green, mine is red

But I know he loves to breathe

Loves to live and feed

Yeah, I love food

Reminds me I’ll brew some coffee

Eat a buttered toast

I think my plant’s dead

But I keep him there

In hope that he’s secretly alive

Reality is something

Others see and know

I just blissfully


Run through my day

Acting so gay

“Hey, you okay?”

Smile and wink

You know what to say

Everything’s the same

Don’t be down

Just be gay

Happily, and hopefully

Something will change

Except me

Cause I can’t seem to stop acting this way

Being so me

And being so gay


Take care and enjoy your Saturday.  I hope you find what you’re searching for and seeking to find. 🙂

Have a goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤




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