Sunday Poetry – A Worse and Better Time

Below is a poem for you.  You know who you are.  You’re the one I love so much.

A song to play in the background while you read.  If only life had theme songs to play in the background, but alas our lives are lived with little music and sound that is appropriate for the moments.  It’s been two years.  How come time can both seem to pass so quickly and so long ago?


A Worse and Better Time

How many deaths can you take?

Until one sticks and it finally stops a heart

Beating and beating for no reason

A heart does what its meant to do

You sit down and realize it’s there

Timely movements with each breath

Like the Yogi setting on a mat

You stare quietly outward to nothing

Because your mind has become blank and tired

Tired of always having to move

You ask it to stop but it stays there


And it stays there


And its there

Mind and heart constantly giving their own reason

Thinking and remembering and doing all those things

That keep your memories whether painful or good

They get mixed in together

Will they be separated with rebirth?

Words are cheaply given and cheaply heard

They have the strength of air hanging still and heavy in summer

Breezes happened last season and will follow with the later season

For now, the air is stagnant and heavy

Still and cumbersome, like wearing unnecessary clothing

And I’m still staring at the wall

My heart and mind still beating and remembering

A worse and better time

A worse and better time…

…A worse and better time

And then it begins once more and you go to the top and read it once again

Is it good or bad?

This past you have

This past you had

Again, you listen quietly to the beating heart and beating mind

Berating and bleating

Remember me?

A worse and better time

A worse and better time…

…A worse and better time

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