Poetry and Pecos Hank

Grace told me I don’t write enough poetry these days.  I did think of one while watching the storm begin and end from my window.



Thunder rolls in the distance

Every sharp peal and distant growl

Isn’t so innocent

Because the turbulence on the prowl

Will make you feel reticent

Toward knowing all the damage felt

Once the violence has spent

Tornadic spirals out of control

My life has been like this one failed roll

I knew in the morning how the air felt

But I dared to step out into it all

My hands up, my hair swept

Back and forth like a child on a swing

Knowing as I faced it all

What I was living for

What was happening

And then it hit so suddenly

Despite my mind telling me its velocity

Spinning round and pulling up

Tearing through, not had enough

And so, it goes, with a smile left

What it leaves to view is a rainbow’s end

It’s not a very good poem but…

There is a YouTube channel, Pecos Hank, that I’m subscribed to because the commentator seems like a genuinely kind soul, and his photography and videos are amazing.  He is extremely knowledgeable about weather – many of his videos are educational – and so, his commentary is what makes his videos stand out from just another video of a tornado.

It’s tornado season here and hopefully we all stay safe.

This actually has the Doppler Radar of my area when that tornado hit next to my apartment last year.  Check out Texas tornadoes:

He’s also a filmmaker, guitarist, singer, musician, composer, animal lover, and overall one of the most interesting humans on earth. Check out his music on his Southern Backtones page.  It needs more views:

Have a great day of seeking and searching!

Goodnight Grace 🙂 ❤


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