Skipping 18 & 19 – Going Straight to 20!

I’m doing this little writing challenge and the ADHD inside of me doesn’t want to just keep going on this path.  I’m wandering a bit as I look over what is after the zodiac question.  Number 18 was listing 30 facts about myself.  If you read my blog its pretty apparent who I am and what I’m like.  That seemed like a boring topic for readers, and for me.

I’m kind of bored now

Number 19 is discussing your first love.  Read my coming out story and you’ll find out about my first love.  Boring stuff. Next!

And so, let’s just go to question 20:

20. Post about three celebrity crushes.

Celebrity crushes are fun because they have such anonymity attached.  You basically can stalk from afar.

gh carly smirking at almost killing nelle
Not like this – that’s just creepy

I have to tell you recently I’m watching Terrace House.  I have actually been binging, Terrace House big time on Netflix.

My celebrity crush usually starts with enjoying one thing and then I go to something else, and pretty soon I’m watching everything they are in and everything they do.  Maybe it’s part of my OCD nature – I’m not sure.

Also, my crushes don’t last too long, since I lose interest when the next shiny object comes along, but for now I’ll share my most recent celebrity crushes.

  1. Reina Triendl, a.k.a. TORICHAN!!!
Torichan is always stylish! Konbawa!

She’s gorgeous and seems honestly sweet deep down.  I actually even watched her music video for a car commercial on YouTube.

It’s so catchy you’ll be singing “Cococococococokawa” around the house without realizing it.  Here’s a more serious cover song, Plastic Love – Emma Hazy Minami starring Reina Triendl.

I love this song, and Torichan’s appearance makes it even better.  Enjoy the music!

A fun little disco song.

Okay, that’s enough Reina Triendl.  Moving onto number two of my celebrity crushes.

2. Jason Momoa

I once told my son, “I’d go straight for him.”  He is just so alluring!  When he smiles he’s the cutest, and then his brooding stare is off-the-charts sexy.  His eyes twinkle and his smile lights up a room.

jason momoa 100000 watt smile
100,000 watt smile

I fell in love with watching Jason Momoa since Stargate: Atlantis.  And ever since, I’ve been watching just about anything that he stars in and loving it.  His Dothraki King, Khal Drogo, stint made Game of Thrones for me, and then he was Aquaman, and I love the DC Universe.

I could have placed Wonder Woman here, Gal Gadot, but I haven’t followed her as passionately as Jason Momoa.

I have to admit he’s my guy crush.  He’s just a really beautiful man.

And that is one sexy body! 😀

2. Dua Lipa

It’s not so much a crush, but I found myself watching every video she’s made.  I did the same thing with Dojo Cat, but I didn’t enjoy all her songs as much as just the one song, “Say So.”  (Please go watch her video – its fantastic!)

Dua Lipa has both a fantastic voice, as you see here in this version of a live LA performance, and she has catchy music.

This is probably a passing crush, and I’m sure I’ll move on to the next shiny thing soon enough.

And that’s it for my celebrity crushes.  I hope you all have a great day of seeking and searching and enjoying some of your favorite things.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

Here you go – please feel free to start your own list.

30 day writing challenge

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