Another General Hospital Fan Rant – Characters I am Loving Right Now

I have been watching General Hospital on and off since around the early 1980’s… I think.  I was more of a Days of Our Lives fan back in the day, but I would catch the shows on and off.  Luke and Laura never caught my attention.

luke and laura
Let’s just look past that whole “I raped you” thing – we’re a popular couple

But recently, since most soaps are gone, I can only really watch General Hospital.  I don’t like, nor have I ever liked, any of the soaps on CBS.  I only watched clips of the Otalia (the portmanteau of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera Aitoro) from Guiding Light.  (Honestly, do a search of Otalia on YouTube and there are many great compilations from creators on the site.)

crystal and natalia
Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia did a great job of creating a memorable love story

This was one of the best lesbian love stories in daytime – except they never allowed them to kiss.  Yes, for two years a slow-paced and well developed love story with NO KISSING, and no payoff.  It’s like watching a K-drama.

Crystal Chappell’s character was allowed to kiss EVERY MALE on the show, in the two year draw out of a love story EXCEPT the female love interest.  During the time (around 2007-2009) lesbians were not allowed to kiss on daytime TV – or maybe just on CBS.  It was so weird.

What we got was longing looks, caresses, and  possibly lips near the cheek.

So weird, but let’s get on with this post.

Right now, I watch GH because… I don’t know.  I’m used to it?

Can’t stand the Mob Quad of Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam.  They swallow everyone into their orbit and no one who is part of their group can ever have nice things.  They will ruin it.  So, let’s look at what’s good about GH.

The Mob Quad for reference: Sam McCall, Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, and Jason “Hitman” Morgan

Characters I am Loving Right Now on GH

I actually root for those characters who are on the terrible Mob Quad’s bad side:  Valentin, Ava, Julian, Jax, Cyrus, Nelle.  I’m loving the bad guys because they are not much different than the good guys except for the fact they are not liked by the mob family.  It’s not a matter of who is doing good things or bad things.  It’s about being on the side of Sonny Corinthos or not.  Even the cops and the mayor, Laura Spencer (part of that messed up Luke and Laura couple, yes) bow to Sonny.  It’s such a messed up town.

In soap opera land there is no such thing as a moral compass.  Note how I started with the greatest love story on this show had to do with an abusively dysfunctional couple?  Yeah.

And so, here we go!

Charlotte Cassadine

charlotte from gh
My future as a top-notch villain will surely come to fruition

She is an actress coming into her own on this show.  This little actress, Scarlett Fernandez, speaks perfect French and English and has a shrill and delusional mother in Lulu Spencer (daughter of rapey couple and overnight greatest writer and journalist eveh), and murderous and scheming father, Valentin Cassadine (overall genius and brilliant mastermind).  She’s so perfect as a child who has psychopathic tendencies – tripping and bullying people, placing snakes in handbags, and violently shredding up photos with a pair of scissors.

lulu on gh
This poor girl has me as a mom

She is the paternal granddaughter of Helena Cassadine (the most evil of GH villains) and I can’t wait to see further machinations as she grows into true evil or possibly becomes what Nicholas Cassadine was supposed to be – a good guy in a really crazy and evil villain family.

They are giving this little actress more layers than any of the adult actors, and it works because this kid can act.

Valentin Cassadine

Valentin, the father of Charlotte, is both evil and good, a layered and interesting character, and just a mix of someone who had the wildest back story as an ex researcher for the WSB when he was a hunchback they kept in the back of the lab because of his genius IQ.

gh valentin hunchback
Quasi schmasi, has nothing on me

Yes, that was a story on this show.

He loved Anna Devane when they were both young agents, but she used him because he was a deformed hunchback and she was an agent with no moral compass and trying to move up in the WSB.  She had her own sordid back story, and he went off to have multiple painful operations to become the dashing and charming gentleman that he became, and bastard son of the Cassadine family.

gh valentin
James Patrick Stuart is a multi-talented pianist, singer and actor.  Love this guy!

Recently, he found out he wasn’t related to the Cassadine’s and was actually the only bastard child of Helena Cassadine and a random guy.  Will we find out his real father later?  I’m sure we will.

He’s been slowly buying up all the Quartermaine stock and I think that is hilarious and brilliant.  He is always two steps ahead and uses his brains instead of brawn, and that’s what you love about him.

He truly loves Nina and his daughter, and will do anything for those he loves and in that he remains stalwart and selfless.  He ended up murdering a woman, Cassandra Pierce, who kidnapped his daughter for simply that act.  At least, we think he did.  I’m sure Cassandra will pop up later, having been saved by another unscrupulous character.

At least he hasn’t actually murdered anyone unarmed and in cold blood, like… oh, Sonny?

Cyrus Renault

It’s the dumbest name.  Everyone in  Port Chuck started saying after a long pause… “Cyrus… Renohhhhhlt.”  When we heard the name there was a giant sigh of, “not another mob rival for Sonny Corinthos,” how “boring and predictable.”  Heads everywhere lowered with a, “not another mob war.”  Cops once again will side with Sonny Corinthos because that’s what they do.

gh jeff kober
Jeff Kober is an excellent actor

But then, Jeff  Kober, a veteran actor showed up with his philosophical and methodical delivery, and I thought, “this might be fun.”  Sonny is a brainless thug.  Always has been.  Every mobster he’s come up against has been smarter, but Sonny somehow wins.

gh cyrus renault
Smarter than the average mobster

There was a part of me that thought, “Will someone finally win this smarmy little mobster?”  Despite his psychopathic calm and the fact he’s probably killed quite a few people, I found myself enjoying that he seemed to get the upper hand with Sonny.

Of course he won’t win because its Sonny, but it will be fun watching how this plays out because the character is fun and layered, and you start to question his real reason for coming to Port Chuck.  Was it really for the mob/drug war, or is there something more personal?

Nelle “Janelle” Benson

I think the actress, Chloe Lanier, plays sociopath really well.  But is she a sociopath?  She’s following the same game plan as Carly when she first came on the scene?  Nobody called Carly a sociopath, and yet she locked Nelle outside on the roof of General Hospital, knowing she had a compromised health system, with a grin, out in freezing

gh carly smirking at almost killing nelle
Carly is working toward starring in that next season of Mob Wives

temperatures.  It’s because Carly is a horrible person.  We’re supposed to believe Carly is one of the good guys?  She then falsely signed a document with Nelle’s name, and her mother, the head nurse, shredded the evidence.  Truly reprehensible people, but we should believe they are good guys.

Will Nelle be redeemed in the same way Carly was redeemed?  Probably not.

I truly hope Nelle gets custody of her son, Wiley, and ends up being redeemed through a mother’s love the way they allowed Carly Corinthos to slowly be redeemed after having Michael.  But… they’ll drag on with this horrible idea that Michael gets married to the angelic Willow Tate, and they’ll live on as a happy family because he’s Michael Corinthos.

gh michael losing it 3
Michael has a few anger issues – poor tree.

He bludgeoned a woman to death as a young man.  Spent time in prison and then bludgeoned a tree while thinking of what he wanted to do to Nelle.

Michael is showing signs of being a crazy mobster, if you ask me.

However, since Nelle is not in Sonny’s orbit in a good way, she probably won’t be redeemed.

nelle on gh
Oh baby, I’ve just begun… until one of the families of Port Chuck kill me

That’s too bad, because I am rooting for her and against the mouth-breather Corinthos heir, Michael.  Next, I’ll write about why he is the absolute worst.  How he treated Sasha as if she were yesterday’s trash, and he’s basically become a little Sonny in how he treats women that displease him.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Harrison Chase and Sasha Gilmore

Finally, I want to say a word about Brook Lynn Quartermaine.  She is my son’s favorite, but I have mixed feelings toward her.

gh amanda setton brooklyn
I’m slightly unhinged, but it’s adorable

I do like that she calls out that pretentious Lulu, and that she sticks up for her friends and family, and I actually see her having chemistry with Chase, despite me wanting him with Willow.

But the more I see how shallow she and Michael have become and how Wiley-obsessed they have become I am finding I prefer Chase with someone more suited for his honorable personality.

gh chase
I’m a cop – natural enemy to mobsters

Sasha would even be better with Chase, but Brooklyn surely does elicit positive chemistry every time they are in a scene together.

Of course, it could be that Chase is a hundred times better of a person than Michael and has better chemistry with every woman on the show, unlike Michael who lacks personality.

gh sasha
I’d never beat a tree – I’m all about nature

Sasha is another one who has proven she is way too good for Michael.  I thought they had great chemistry, but you realize Michael is such a horrible Corinthos elite that he’s better with a shallow and horrible person.  I don’t think Willow is horrible, but I see her fitting in the Corinthos family because they love to have mindless victims within the family that will buy into every evil deed they commit and call it honorable simply because it’s pro-Sonny.

gh michael give it a good whack
Yes, yes, join the dark Corinthos side Willow.  Beat that poor defenseless tree. My step-dad once killed my unarmed real dad, but I’m cool with that because I have issues

I couldn’t believe they were allowed to go to a public park and damage a tree this badly.  I watched the scene a few times and my son and I were truly surprised at the damage. It was as if we were supposed to root for Michael’s psychotic leanings and then forcing Willow to join in with the violent behavior, imagining they were actually beating on another human being.  It was weird and quite disturbing.

Meanwhile, you hope she is thinking, “What the fuck kind of family did I just get involved with?”

RIP Tree-kun

gh that poor tree
Tree-kun will remember this day

And that’s all for now.

Have a great day of seeking and searching, and enjoying those silly shows you have that love/hate relationship.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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