#17 – It’s a Sign!

Does a centaur shooting an arrow fit me?  I think a bit… yeah.  Always aiming for something.

sag 3

17. Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.


Well, I don’t really like horses.  I’m not so sure about centaurs.  Some people are totally into horses and think they are the greatest animals on earth, but if you ask me, I have only met horses that are jerks.  (They also remind me of an ex I had that loved horses and I hated her pet horses because they were jerks too.)

I really do not like you

And so, if you love horses that’s cool.  I don’t trust them.  They look like they want to bite off my fingers and I have a problem with animals that bite off body parts.

However, I do love archery.

Give and take, I guess.

And with that, I found this article by Rufus Cunningham at a site called Listland, about all the reasons why the Sagittarius is the worst of the zodiac signs, titled, 10 Reasons Sagittarius is the Worst Zodiac Sign.” 

I laughed quite a bit reading through this article because it was true (nervous laughter?), but also false, but also true, and it was interesting.

I have a lot of flaws as a Sag.  Its a bit depressing, and here I thought I was the greatest sign of all.

His 10 reasons why we are the Worst:

1. Tactless (yes, pretty much)

2. Careless (kind’a)

3. Superficial (have to think this one over)

4. Inconsistent (yeah)

5. Restlessness (very much so)

6. Over-confident (*sweatdrop* yep)

7. Unfaithful (this is completely untrue – I’m opposite of this one)

8. Blunt (maybe dumbly blunt)

9. Nosy (haha, I’d call it inquisitive)

10. Impulsive (very true)

Oh wait, I found another article… on the same site, Listland? There is still hope for me here.

sag 4
pew pew


I was right, we are also the greatest sign of according to this article by James Atwater called, “10 Reasons Sagittarius is the Best Zodiac Sign.”

He states we are the Best because:

1. Very Positive (very true)

2. Tell you like it is (somewhat true)

3. Level-headed (I question this one)

4. Think very deeply about life (YES)

5. Like to share the frame (I didn’t get this one at first, but it means we dream big – yeah)

6. Speak their mind (pretty much – I tend to rant)

7. They love you for who you are (For SURE!)

8. Great sense of humor (hahaha)

9. Keep the past in the past (definitely)

10. They’ve got a big heart (GIGANTIC)

Hmm… that’s interesting.  I really think James wrote a better article – definitely worth reading –  but I could be biased… I guess…?

“It was the best of signs, and the worst of signs.” — author unknown

I do know this about me, I have always felt like an honest Sag.  I’m friendly, nice, kind and always open to hear both sides of anything.  I greatly dislike cruelty and injustice to those weaker.  I do get bored easily.  I don’t like to do the same thing over and over.  I don’t like to stay in a job that is repetitive. sag 1 I walk away when people bore me.  I mean, I will seriously just wander off at a party or in any setting.  I like to be alone many times, and I guess that makes me a lone wolf.  But I also love companionship and good company.

Relationships are another thing.  I am very loyal to the ones I love, contrary to some things said about Sags.

I’m mature enough to think through my wanderlust later in life.  I do love a good adventure.  And, I have a 30,000 watt smile.  I’m a blessed idiot, and I take criticism to heart.  If you have a disagreement I will always consider why and mull over the truth of what is being said.  I don’t take anything at face value except the fact I would help you in an instant if you ask.

And so, I guess I am a Sagittarius and I really like being one.  What sign are you?  Any other Sags out there?

Overall, that’s all folks and I hope you have a fantastic day of seeking and searching and finding what you like. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


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