A General Hospital Tale for Day 10 (backtracking) – Brando and the Davis Girls

Oh those men.  Always manspreading and mansplaining and spreading their general manness all over.  What are these poor women – or more aptly, wahmen – to do?  Men are the bane of their existence.

And so, I’d like to tell a little General Hospital tale of Brando Corbin who made the mistake of sleeping with Molly Lansing-Davis – the youngest of the Davis girls.

molly and tj
Sorry TJ, everyone agrees – Brando and I have better chemistry… and he’s super hot.  And… your mom is a bitch.

It was a one night stand between consenting adults, but that didn’t stop her sisters from railing against Brando for being… a man.  Despite them equally consenting, they are going to blame the guy.

GH blog photo 7
Okay, so your wife Sam and her sister, Kristina, got mad at me for saying people who join cults are dumb.  And then they told me that Kristina was in a cult and Sam did really stupid and uncalled for things to get her out of the cult, and then Sam was arrested and is on parole, but she wants to break her parole and be away from her kids for 20 years because she has screwed up priorities, but I didn’t tell her that, despite her only having to keep away from you – a convicted felon – for two years, but I was smart and didn’t tell her that she has two kids that she shouldn’t be risking running around to see you, but I didn’t say anything about that, because I knew she couldn’t handle the truth, but then Kristina threw my sandwich at me because she’s knows she was dumb being in a cult, but got mad at me instead of owning up to that fact, but I was cool, and I said I was sorry, and offered them discounts at my shop, but they got mad it was only a discount and not for free – but, hey, I gotta make money because I’m not a mobster and I’m just a guy trying to make ends meet, but then they told me I was a “man” and you know what that means?  They don’t like me.  Are you a man Jason?
jason haha
“Uhhhhh… depends.  What did Sam say?”


Wonder Woman

According to these women men have ruined the entirety of the world.  Oh, the patriarchy!!! If only we had a land where there were only women running things…?

(And for Otalia fans, and this pairing that has crossed multiple (maybe five?) soap operas as the go-to lesbian couple – I give you Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia – because they’re kind’a hot.)

crystal and natalia
Themyscira sounds nice Claire… I mean Olivia, no, I mean Gina – Nico? – No, um Crystal?  Yeah, let’s go with Olivia

Do you ever get that feeling the world has gone a little bonkers?  Is everyone an extremist who throws the baby out with the bath water and then uses that bath water to drink?

This all leads me to soap operas.  Why?  Because… they know how to do “extreme” like no other genre.

But also…

I just learned how to do screen shots and I’m so excited, and so I wanted this to be my first foray into ranting about my love/hate relationship with this soap opera.

GH blog photo 6
Oh my gosh, Val, must you?


Number 10 on the 30-Day Challenge was:

10. Write about something for which you feel strongly

I’m going to back track here and finally write about number ten on the list.  (I’ll get back to #14 later.)

Soaps.  I feel very strongly about what’s happening on General Hospital, and in particular, Molly and her sisters, and Brando.

GH blog photo 9
That’s the eldest, Sam McCall who went to prison for shooting a cult leader in the back, but doesn’t want to follow her parole and even wanted to blackmail her parole officer so she could see Jason, her hitman lover/husband?  That’s Molly, getting a headache from spending the day with her sisters and their bad advice, and then Kristina, who the writers can not figure out if she’s gay, hetero, bi, or what – but she’s a hot mess of failed relationships and having been in a cult.  I secretly hate that Kristina is their attempted representation of lesbians.

When you watch soaps you realize women are the ones always conniving and manipulating and figuring out how they’ll steal someone else’s baby, or husband, or boyfriend, or set up that someone was sleeping with someone’s else partner, and tamper with someone’s meds, or make up an elaborate scheme to become a victim so that the person will be arrested for molesting them after they set them up to molest them, so they can be caught as a molester.

GH nelle is winning is snark
Okay, let’s not get too carried away.  You know you love the fact I’m taking down Carly Corinthos.

Yes, I do love someone who takes down the smarmy mobster and his mob wife.  Sometimes women are pretty fun when they are doing this against someone I generally do not like on this show, like the Mob Quad.

The Mob Quad: Sam McCall, Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, and Jason “hitman” Morgan.

The Mob Quad are an immoral and unethical bunch that if you go up against them, you will probably die, or become obscure.

You go Nelle… until one of them kill you!

In soap opera land – unless a guy is a villain in a soap – he’s usually clueless and the victim of a woman’s machinations.

GH yeah you crazy bitch
You’re going to do what?!  That’s diabolical – and something I can get behind as long as you pay me well, since everyone on soaps seems to have an endless supply of cash.

How the Tale of the Davis Sisters and Brando Began…

One of the writers on this show decided they were going to make a statement about men.  Why?  I don’t really know.  They made Molly say something way out of left field one day, and then be normal and sensible the next day.  I’m guessing the writers are taking turns.  While TJ was proposing to her she went on a rant about marriage being the act of the patriarchy.  It was shrill and senseless, and seemed out of place.  But… plot?

Truthfully, marriage came about around 2300’s to 1300’s and it was mainly around for power grabs.  Marrying off daughters and son’s used to be a thing for deciding borders and forming alliances.  Both genders were used by parental figures for power.  Multiple partners (polygamy) and one partner (monogamy) also started for good breeding purposes.

Marriage was set up as a tool of power and only recently about love.  It’s about having a certain breed of woman there to produce offspring – and so in that yes, Molly was “kind’a” right.  But she was wrong that it was only started by the supposed patriarchy.  Both genders took part in the power grab.  Women wanted powerful men and land just as much as men wanted good breeders.

But today? Marriage is whatever a couple makes of it for the most part.  In this day and age you can also get tax breaks and acknowledgement of existence in Judeo-Christian societies that still have antiquated laws.

Why aren’t single people given special privileges like married couples?  (Look to my other writings on the American religion of “couplelese.”)  I am not sure.  People should all just be equal, despite marital status.

molly fem
I may have spoke about the patriarchy a bit too much – not realizing we are in 2020 AD and not 2020 BC… but then, I wasn’t myself.  I just read the script.


So, this is how Molly went from a 10-year relationship with TJ to a one-night stand with Brando.

After being turned down from the marriage proposal, TJ told Molly, “I’m going to just go think.”

And he left.  Molly, finally becoming smart again, realized TJ might go and think for a day or so, but he would eventually come back and like two adults they would have a discussion.  She was being smart. 

However, TJ has Jordon for a mom. I question why she is the police commissioner.  She usually does everything wrong, in fact, even asking Sonny’s help.  She’s a cop for goodness sake!  But she’s gone the way of the Mob Quad for relevance.

jordan and curtis
I say we let this super bad guy out of jail and then get Sonny to kill him because I’m just a police commissioner with the law on my side, and he’s Sonny Corinthos, and I’ll also throw all my cop  friends under the bus. “Good idea, babe.”

Molly realizes this is weird and confronts Jordan (TJ’s mom) because she found out TJ’s phone was at Jordan’s house.  So, he must be hiding out at his mom’s – which again, doesn’t seem like TJ, the guy who is interning to become a doctor, and yet ditching all his duties at the hospital and risking his medical license.

This is when it gets really wacky.

Jordan basically tells Molly that TJ broke off with her because she broke his heart by not accepting his proposal, and that TJ ghosted her, and telling Molly she’s a whiny loser, and she was never good enough for TJ, all because she didn’t accept his marriage proposal, and basically verbally decimating Molly because… plot? 

“TJ hates you Molly – get over it.  He proposed and you didn’t accept.  Women are always supposed to accept proposals.”

“But… I wanted more time to think things over and talk it over with TJ, like a normal person (because the writer today is writing me normally).  We’ve been dating for over ten years and we’re adults, and…”

“Normal schnormal – get the fuck out of my house Molly!”

Yeah, and that went over really well.  She told Molly he never wanted to see her again.  I’m sure when TJ is through with the whole “being kidnapped” thing he will be very appreciative his mom blew up his love life.

Molly went off to cry alone, wreck her car, and then get it fixed at Brando’s shop.

GH jordan blowing up sons life
Molly, I am going to totally blow this out of proportion so that you will completely forget my son was ever in your life, despite me not really needing to rip apart your soul right now since my son is kidnapped, but I’m going to do it so that you go off to have sex with a hot mechanic.  Kay?
GH blog photo 4
Uh… okay, but it seems a little extreme dontcha think?  (I’m just reading this script.)  Am I supposed to be smart or whiny?  I honestly can’t figure it out from one day to the next.

And so, Molly was upset and ran over a curb and messed up her undercarriage.

Kristina, much to her credit, told Molly having a one-night stand between consenting adults is not that big of a deal.  She thought TJ had dumped her in the worst possible way.  She wasn’t being a slut, as many of the viewers seem to have thought.

GH blog photo 14
Oh come on Sam, it’s not like she thought she had a boyfriend when she slept with the random hot guy.  He broke up with her through his mom!  THROUGH. HIS. MOM!  

Sam told Molly to tell TJ the truth.  Yeah, sounds good.  This will be the only sound advice Sam gives.

Molly is crumbling under pressure.  That is true to her character.  She’s kind of like her mother, Alexis Davis, in that she’s not a good liar.

GH alexis realizes daughters messed up
I don’t know what you mean.  I’m a recovering alcoholic that has a problem dating bad boys:  Sam’s dad was a mobster, Julian Jerome; Kristina’s dad was a mobster, Sonny Corinthos; Molly’s dad was Sonny’s brother Ric, and I dated an international crime lord, Jerry Jax, for awhile.  And… my ex tried to stab me through the throat and I started dating my psychiatrist, but I’m not a nervous wreck.  OH yes, and I was recently disbarred for perjury.

And so, you see where the Davis girls get their good genes.

Molly at the Garage…

And so Molly met Brando and… instant sparks.

GH blog photo 11
Okay, I spent five years in prison, did my time, and just came back from fighting in a war, and this is how I look at an attractive woman – this isn’t stalkerish at all
GH molly is liking brando
You’re kind’a dreamy… in that bad boy way… and my mom always dated bad boys.
GH Brando likes molly
You’re kind’a dreamy too in that attractive, innocent way because I’m a bad boy and new in town and so this will cause a lot of conflict.
GH molly moves in for kiss
Cool, I finally get more scenes on this show.  I bet I’ll be pregnant in a few months.
GH and brando kisses back
Awesome.  Umm… me like more scenes.  I’m sure they’ll have me doing this with all three sisters eventually.

And we have sparks!

Yes, the next morning…
GH molly and brando day after
Wait… you have a boyfriend?  

In all honesty, at the time Molly didn’t think she had a boyfriend.  She thought he had “mommy-broke-up” with her.

But then she told her sisters, and they both had extreme opinions.  And they already didn’t like Brando because… he was a man who spoke politely?  How dare he?

GH sam assaulting brando
Sam, that pillar of the community, and killer on parole, goes to Brando’s garage to get up in his face and assault him for having slept with her younger sister.  

Okay, so Molly is in her mid-20’s and they are consenting adults and if that was my big sister I’d want to punch her.  But Sam hasn’t been written well for years now.  She’s part of the Mob Quad and that means every decision she makes is horrendous!

I have a feeling they’re trying to match her with Brando – in some May/December love story – and pull her away from Jason because they’ve become so boring as a couple.  This is cringe.

I see chemistry with Brando and Molly, but not so much with Sam since Sam is a horrible person and Brando seems like a nice guy.

Molly walks in and is surprised to see Sam there assaulting this poor guy who made the mistake of entering a Davis sister orbit.

GH blog photo 5
Bless my daughters, for they know not what they do.

Now, Kristina did throw some very truthful zingers at Sam about not following her parole for two years and risking being sent back to prison for 20 years.  She has two young kids, for goodness sake!  But then, Sam has lousy priorities.

GH blog photo
“Sam, you’re an idiot!  You know Jason would die for you, but he just can’t live with you!” and also, Jason loves Sonny and Carly more than you.  If you were dangling off a cliff and Sonny was dangling off a cliff you know he’d grab his first love… Sonny.  It’s always been Sonny.  Its time to leave the Mob Quad.  Get a life!
GH sam facing truth jason loves sonny more
Self-realization hits hard.  Next week… on General Hospital.

Poor Molly is just trying to figure out what to do next because she loves TJ, but then he’s been the only man in her life.  She had instant chemistry with Brando, but she feels badly she had that one night stand with him while her boyfriend was being beaten and held captive.

And she says all this so casually.  It’s like she’s used to this happening in her life.  It’s like…

GH blog photo 17
Oh my gosh, it’s like I’m in a soap opera

And so, I’m looking forward to the Brando and the Davis sisters and how it plays out, but boy are they all over the place with the writing.  I would love to see Sam have self-realization and that self-realization stick.  I’d love to see Kristina continue this maturity and keep growing up.  I’d love to see Molly actually get to have common sense and tell TJ she slept with Brando, and have an adult conversation.

He’ll break up with her, but realize its all because of his mom.  I don’t know why Sam didn’t lash out at Jordon because she knew the truth of what Jordon did, but she lashed out at Brando.  I wanted to see Molly lash out at Jordon, but she didn’t.  It’s like everyone forgot this was all set into motion because of some very bad decisions by Jordon.

Brando is simply a handsome new guy in town who ended up in the Davis sister’s orbit, and will eventually be in the Mob Quad orbit, and you know what that means?

gh blog photo 12
Oh no, I’m going to end up like Drew Cain.

At the bottom of the ocean.

And so, that’s my rant for Day 10.  Thanks if you read this far and have an awesome day with much less drama than a soap, and keep seeking and searching and finding!

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤ 

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