Day 12 – About the Blessings

Day 12 is:

12. Write about five blessings in your life.

This is a good one.  I have a problem with not stopping and thinking over my blessings.  I’ve had a problem with this for a

I used to have a ritual:  every morning I’d wake and just pray to God and thank my Lord for every blessing.  I really need to get back to doing that again.  I’d ask to be soaked in God’s spirit of love and kindness and those days I truly saw the blessings when they came my way.

Lately, I haven’t been doing this.  It’s definitely something I need to get back to practicing.

Blessings are really undeserved gifts in a life.  We are all so mucked up.  And when we get blessings its so important to stop and just be thankful and appreciative.

In fact, I have so many blessings that I almost take them for granted.  But here goes:


There is obviously the blessing of my kids.  They are by far my greatest blessing.

The fact my daughter has a loving beau and her soul mate I can’t be thankful enough for this because I see how much its made her life so full.  IMG_4061 (1) - CopyShe has a family that loves her and that she is content and happy.   She is brilliant, and beautiful and sweet.  I’m so grateful she’s in my life.

My son has so many problems and I feel overwhelmed by his mental illness at times – to the point I’m just upset and fall into depression.

My son

But when I really stop myself and think and meditate, I am so blessed that he is in my life.  He is my philosopher and heart.  I couldn’t imagine life without him.  I need to tell him this more often.


Second, is the fact I left Christianity and found God.  I can’t say I’ve been super faithful and spiritual, but I have this truth deep inside that makes me feel I’ve left this fog and strange sleep.  I feel so awake.

visit aurora 2
So much more out there

When I first admitted to myself and God I was gay and when my eyes opened – everything in life became so real.  I’m so thankful I found truth after all the lies I’d lived with for most of my life.

It makes everything so much lighter and freer.


My sweet Grace.  I’m not going to say much because I end all my posts telling her hello.  She’s afraid people will find out she’s gay.  So, let’s keep it on the DL. 😉

Random Asian woman so as to keep Grace’s secret identity

It’s been so hard chatting with her these days.  I’ve been working long hours.  I also have to take care of my son full time, and then she’s on the other side of the world.  She’s sleeping when I’m awake and vice versa.  But she is one of my sweetest blessings in life.


Having a job.  In this economy and as things are getting worse and worse (around 30 million have filed for unemployment) I’m so thankful my friends at my retail job pushed me to interview for this job.  It gives me hours I need.  The pay is not the greatest, but its steady pay and it’s what I needed at just the right time.  I’m truly blessed to have really nice bosses too.


I live in a comfortable setting.  That’s rare for many in this world.  I think over how much people not only here, but in other countries, struggle to get food on the table, or a roof over their head.

Casual Americana

To simply have enough to buy clothes or a pair of shoes, or have drinking water or clean sanitation.  I’m blessed to live were I live.  I’m very thankful for this blessing.  We complain a lot about America and our politics and our horribly dysfunctional government and crooked leaders, but we are in a country that has so much freedom.  It really is a blessing to even be writing freely on this blog.

And so, this is my list.  There is much more I am blessed with and I am the sign of the Ox so, I’m as healthy as an ox, and so I’m pretty thankful for that.  I hope I didn’t jinx it by writing that (crosses fingers). Haha

But please have a very wonderful day of seeking and searching and finding your blessings!

Love you Grace 🙂 ❤ 

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