Day Seven – I Am Going to Love This One

Day Seven of the 30-Day Challenge is:

7. List 10 songs that your are loving right now

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love music.  I write music.  I have five songs over there that you can download for free of my music.  And so, I love music.  I have a mix of songs I listen to while driving and others I listen to while at home.  I’ll start with car radio songs and end with my home songs.  (I also only placed their official videos.)

Get comfy and listen to some tunes!

These are the 10 (11?):

Say So, by Doja Cat I’ll listen to in the car and at home – it’s just my favorite right now.  This will get me to stop changing the dial on the radio in an instant.  I can’t get enough of this song.  There is a vibe that I can’t place.  There’s a feeling of 70’s nostalgia mixed with hip hop bopping and the video is awesomely constructed.  One of the best out there – please enjoy.

The next song, Circles, by Post Malone, is another that makes me stop instantly while switching stations, but the video is not that great.  Post is a better singer than rapper.

In this vid I don’t get why they placed the cheap mouthpiece over the hot girl/love interest in this video.   It served no purpose.  Made no sense within the meaning of the lyrics.  It was cheaply done, despite trying to make it look like she didn’t have a mouth…?  It was very bad graphics.  And it looked grotesque.  The point of the song would have been more understood without the badly constructed mouthpiece.  Ew, I can’t even watch it.  Please enjoy the song despite the poor actress with that hideous thing covering her mouth.

My third favorite is another that I’ll stop and listen to while flipping through the stations in my car, Don’t Start Now, by Dua Lipa, but… she has a new one.  So, since this is a list of most recent I will place her most recent video, Break My Heart.  Again, she keeps that beat that I love in her songs.

The next one was probably one of my first favorites while driving to work one day, Dancing with a Stranger.  I love Sam Smith’s voice. It’s very smooth and I hadn’t heard his co-singer on this, Normani, before but she is both beautiful and talented.

The next songs could fall into any order.  I just like them and I’ll place them here with little commentary.  Enjoy listening while social distancing and self-quarantining this weekend.

Justin Bieber, believe it or not – this was the first song I’ve ever heard of his.

Harry Styles is someone I’d heard of, but never listened to until this song.  I caught in on YouTube accidentally and realized, “Hey, this is that song I liked on the radio!”

This song is an experience.  There is a lyric in this song that made me stop instantly on the radio, “I’m going through a drought. You don’t even have to do too much.  You can turn me on with just a touch, baby.”  I thought those were really smart lyrics.  He’s singing about how he’s been alone for so long.  Smart and catchy song.

This song is just one of my all time faves.  I’m not especially a fan of Shawn Mendes and only slightly of Camila Cabello, but I like this song.  It has that Spanish guitar that I just love.

I’ve always been a big Coldplay fan and love this song.  It’s such a good song!

Okay, this is not the official video of Lewis Capaldi singing, Someone You Loved, but it has twice as many views as the official because the official video of this song is very “cringe-y.”  You can go check it out, but seriously, its just not a very good video.

And to close number 11 and I should have placed more of Low Roar, because when I’m writing I do listen to him in the background.  This was one of my favorite albums this year.  I heard he wrote this song in Iceland and if you read my travel post you’d know I want to travel to Iceland and write wonderful songs.

Enjoy your weekend and please be good to yourself and others!  Keep seeking and searching and finding!  😀

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

The list is below, once again, for if you want to try and do this 30-day challenge.  Also, what are your fave songs right now?

30 day writing challenge

2 thoughts on “Day Seven – I Am Going to Love This One

  1. Love your list as it closely resembles mine. I have a a strange mix of music that I listen to and I’m still trying to decide which ones I’ll end up with for my list.

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