Day Six-y – Woo – More 30-Day Challenge

Why does Day Six have five things to write about?  Day Five had five places to visit.  That made sense.  Why not six ways to win my heart on Day Six?  I don’t get it.  Okay, I’m just being petty about numbers and ranty again.

I’m just here cause I’m cute

But never mind… Day Six Question on the 30-Day Writing Challenge is:

6. Five ways to win your heart

The best way to win my heart is to enjoy being around me – the real me.  I know this seems very shallow, but listen for a minute.  If this person likes where your heart lies and where your passions take you, then they will enjoy being around you and I want someone to enjoy being around me – the writer, the musician, the poet, the weird person with out-of-the-box ideas – and not just trod along because of what they hope I will become or what they think I am.

Next, please be kind.  I love kindness deep in your heart.  If you don’t care about others and have no empathy, then I’m probably not interested.  I listen to the stories you tell me about what you’ve done in your life and listen for the fact you had a heart.blur-chair-cheerful-160739

Third, is to be nice and polite to others.  I watch how you interact with others, not just me the person you are trying to impress, but the people who might not matter in your life down the road.  That person at the counter or retail worker is a person.  If you treat them poorly I will notice and that’s a turn off if you’re a jerk.

Fourth, surprise me with something.  I like sweet little surprises.

Fifth and sixth is physical.  If you have a sweet smile I am swooning, and if you have good hygiene and smell great, then woo!  I am even interested in men if they smell good.  I’ve been at work and had guys flirt with me, and I’ll honestly think twice if they have a nice smile and smell good.  Ooh-la-la.

Okay, that’s it – now go out and have a great day of seeking and searching and finding what you’re looking for in life! 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


30 day writing challenge

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