Filling Day Four with Music Vids and a Poem

On Day Four of this 30-Day Writing Challenge (look below for list) I am to write about someone who inspires me.

4. Write about someone who inspires you.

No one… person.

No one inspires me because I’m just a log, if you don’t remember.

…this is a nice beach

I could also say “lots” of people inspire me.  I can listen to Andrew Yang speak

Yang has the only voice making sense right now.

and be inspired.  I can listen to an impassioned editorial op-ed by Krystal Ball and be inspired.

the hill rising
Krystal with co-host Saagar Enjeti

I can listen to someone randomly on the radio and be inspired.

I will get all excited about a workout regimen after hearing someone inspirational encourage me, and then a few weeks later that regimen has left my life and thoughts.

Speaking of which, this song is cool and  will make you want to be inspired to get…physical.

I love Dua Lipa, but where were we?

My inspiration stops and begins at my hearing.  And so, it’s music – music inspires me and not a person.  Whether I am writing a piece of music, or listening to a piece of music it is always in my life.  And so, music is what inspires me and all those gifted artists that I have listened throughout my life.

Okay, here’s another:

There’s the adage, “in one ear and out the other.”

And this is her latest piece of music, and her choreography makes her stand out.  My new inspiration musically is Dua Lipa.  Listen to these and enjoy her most recent fantastic video that just dropped:

That’s pretty much how a log lives. Drifting and listening to the tide lapping across the ears.

And so for this inspirational writing I will place my Log Poem once again:

I Think I Am a Log – A Poem

Throw me in a random body of water and I will simply float along.  If an ocean with crashing waves, I shall ride them out.  If a pond, I shall float quietly and enjoy the sun upon my woody grooves.  If you send me down a stream, I shall ride the current to wherever it leads.  In the end, I feel very out of control in this life I live.  For I am a log.  No thoughts on the inside, no cares on the outside.  For let me ride the current until I rest along the seaside.

Please have a great day of seeking and searching and enjoy your day! 😀

Love you Gracie and enjoy these songs! 🙂 ❤

30 day writing challenge

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