We’re Saved! This is Why We Need #Emergency UBI

Woo, let’s celebrate the fact there was this awesome HR 6201 Bill passed in Congress.  It is aptly titled, Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  (Oh yeah, still needs to get through the Senate.)

stumptown car
Woo Hoo, everybody jump in this car that’s definitely not headed off a cliff!

I began skimming the bill, and then began to slowly realize… You have to have a family with kids first, and only make so much money, and your kids already have to be on a food program at school (what about food on weekends?), and you have to have an EBT card, and so you already have to be involved in the welfare system, and you have to fill out this paperwork every couple of weeks, and you need proof, and they said coronavirus testing is free, but you have to have proof that you are possibly infected by this ridiculous questionnaire before they’ll even allow it or you’re going to be charged anyway.  But then you realize – wait a minute – they don’t have enough tests.  It’s pretty much a moot probability that there will even be a test available.

So basically, there are so many hoops you need to jump through you might as well forget the so-called “help” from the government.

Yes, we’re all pretty screwed.

Everyone #StayTheFHome

It’s no wonder #StayTheFHome is trending.

We are all fucked, aren’t we?

There was an entire section on how to pay for the administration of the bill – Admin Fees.  A lot of this bill goes toward administering something?

On the right side of the aisle people just “know” they snuck in abortion and funds for Planned Parenthood.

I believe everything I’m told – no questions asked!

Why?  Why are people so gullible?  Crazy theocracy at it again!

No, read the damn bill.  There is nothing about abortion in the bill.  Please, stop listening to propaganda pushers on the alt-right.  This is not a scheme by the left to kill babies.  Why, why do they always fall back to this?

We have an incompetent government – end of story.

On the left they are praising Pelosi as a minor god.

No, read the damn bill.

cobie with gun

She gave us a lot of NOTHING.

The problem with much of the left is they want you to “depend” on the government.  They want you to meander through myriad paperwork and bureaucracy to get a stipend.

“We are helping you.”  “Just fill out these 20 pieces of paper and prove every three months you deserve our small amount of help.”  “We’ll make it so that you depend on us more than needing a job.”

True Story: I know this first hand because my poor sister and her two kids lived their entire lives through the welfare system.  It’s not as great as the left would want you to believe.  If she started actually making money, she lost much needed funds for her kids to be able to eat.  It’s this creepy Catch22 plan that makes you depend on government money and working becomes detrimental to your livelihood if you have kids.

Love the smell of the great outdoors.

I love when rich left wing people preach how wonderful the welfare system is, or the crazy rich right wing people say everyone on welfare just “loves” that sweet free non-working life.  You know, because all poor people are just drug addicts, alcoholics and lazy.

From my experience, most poor people have at least two jobs.  My sister did.

I have another sister who is homeless because of one truly bad turn of events in her life.  Over night – she was on the street.  She still hasn’t been able to recover and she now walks the streets in another state.  No, she’s not a hooker.

My eldest sister is on disability, has had three strokes, and still has to work around 30 hours a work in pain because she can’t afford basic bills and has two dogs and two cats.  Maybe she should just kill off her furry family.  If they were kids – would we say that?  They are the only thing that bring her joy.

Life is difficult

Maybe we should come together and make up a workable plan

and we are splitting hairs because we WANT BERNIE!!!! Wahhhhh.  We know TRUMP will save us! MAGA! Joe Biden will beat Trump! HA HA HA… HAAAAAAAAAA… cough!

It’s so ridiculous.  Instead of following people, maybe look at actual plans that have workable results.

MATH – Make America Think Harder.  What a concept?

So, let’s try and look at how to actually “help” people in an emergency situation.

There is the #EmergencyUBI that was trending with none other than, ex-Bernie surrogate Alexandria Cortez Ocasio (my son does a fantastic imitation of her voice).

She has joined forces with Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren (possibly?), and Tulsi Gabbard in wanting to enact an emergency UBI.  It’s starting to catch on with both sides of the aisle.

Plain and simple.  KISS – Keep it simple suckah!

Where will we get all that money to help people?  It’s not like we haven’t given 4 trillion to bail out banks, or recently gave 1.5. trillion… to bail out banks… again.  But why would we give citizens money?  We only like to give money to rich institutions that will give it to their CEO’s.  Those poor little hungry CEO’s and shareholders.  How will they ever survive?

Just give the people money – no questions asked.  They will use it for their families and for their needs.

Now, there is so much more intricate detail in helping people.  Some people need medical help.  Some people have piling debt from school loans.  Some people have small children and no way to pay for child care and keep a job.

There are so many issues at any given moment.

I guess… one size does not fit all.

Because there are so many myriad situations we need to start simple and build from that point.  Give them a basic floor to stand on of $1,000 a month for a short amount of time.  We might find this actually works out.

Give people extra cash.  Extra cash pays for that unexpected $500 or $1,000 extra expense that comes out without any warning.

molly and tj
Ah, sounds like a plan my fellow millennial

After that, start tackling the bigger issues like our shoddy healthcare system, our horrible lack of addressing climate change, stopping these never-ending wars (trillions spent on the military complex), and failing infrastructure.

Bernie has been right about one thing: people are hurting and need help.

andrew yang young
Oh, hey, you all want my ideas now?  Sure

We have a very messed up government.  It’s large and clunky, like trying to fit a fat man into a small car that’s packed to the brim with clowns.

I know I’m ranting again on a political issue.  But, this becomes a human issue.  We need to move forward and forget the partisan craziness and just do the right thing.

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday of seeking and searching! 🙂

Goodnight Grace! 🙂 ❤






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