Will I Die from the Corona?

Whoa, why so morbid?

It is just a beer.  It’s not my favorite, and practically my least favorite beer.  I prefer a tasty German

Franziskaner is the absolute best!

or Austrian beer – even Japanese biru.

But Corona…?  Not my favorite.  It tastes watered down and weak – bland.

corona beer
Not the cause of the coronavirus

Oh, yeah, I actually meant the coronavirus.  I was looking over demographics on people who die from the coronavirus (COVID-19), and found myself searching through craft beers and then… I kind of went on a tangent.

But then… beer.  It made my mind drift on draft (mom joke).  I’m old’ish.

Back to the Pandemic.


Well, as things usually go, I was having a discussion with my son the philosopher.  He and I were discussing how concerned we should be about dying from a pandemic.

We agree that if we die – we die.  That’s pretty much what happens when I drive in traffic,

Always look both ways – twice

or eat at a restaurant where some guy who prepared the food might not have washed his hands, or even walking along a road. There are a lot of things that could kill you in this world.  People who are dead have died from something.

Because of this discussion on death and viruses and such, I actually Googled “ages of people who die from coronavirus.”

I found a site called Worldometer.  Not sure if I trust it, but it seemed trustworthy so my entire post will be regarding the info from that site.  I did see a few other sites that corroborated my Worldometer findings, but here goes.

How Good of  Chance is it You Will Die from the Coronavirus?

Old people have a good chance of dying.   Are you old?  Past the age of 70?  Are you running for President?

Joe sleeping
…just dozing

You have around a 20+% chance of dying.  If you’re my age you might have around a 1.3% chance.  My young adult kids have around a 0.2% chance.

Are you male?  You are twice as likely to die from COVID-19.  So, that helps my odds, but ups my son’s odds.

IMG_4171 - Copy
So glad we’re young and I’m not a guy

So far, my daughter is looking pretty good.  We texted her to let her know she probably won’t die, but keep an eye on Michael (her fiancee).

Now, if you have a comorbidity and are old – like you suffer from diabetes or have a heart condition – then I’m sorry, you definitely up your chances of dying by around 10-15%.

Thank goodness we’re all healthy here.

In Conclusion…

Well, looks like me and Grace are doing pretty good.   My son is doing even better and then my daughter should be able to get past this pandemic quite well.

I hope you realized I was posting this mostly for humor, but it is more serious.  And you should take precautions.  So here is a list of how you can be more careful.

Stay inside.

Lock the doors.

Don’t talk to strangers.

Buy up every item in the store and go into survivalist mode.

No, I’m kidding, but look at these photos that I took while trying to find my son’s favorite multi-surface cleaner.  My son has severe OCD and despite us taking this pandemic in stride, he still wants his cleaning products.

Well, I couldn’t find what I was looking for because everybody has gone wacko cuckoo over this virus!

Shelves were empty!

This is the toilet paper aisle

People have gone a little overboard.  I think maybe we should all step back and take a little breath… or longer breath.

Times like these are when we need to keep our heads.  Be cautious but don’t panic.  Follow this list (I made sure it was similar to the WHO list) and realize pandemics happen around every 100 years.

Wash your hands frequently.

Sneeze or cough into the crux of your elbow.

Don’t get too close to people or touch your face.

If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing you should go see a health professional.

Be smart and stop buying every cleaning product on the shelf because I had to spend hours searching for one thing!   Yeesh, it was very irksome.

Chill and be cool and we’ll get through this.  😉

Have a fantastically healthy day of seeking and searching! 🙂

Have a Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “Will I Die from the Corona?

  1. Oh my gosh I didn’t think of the cleaning products! Just kidding, I’ve got 4 bottles of vinegar and some lemons, so we’ll be ok. The toilet paper though, wowzers people, wth??? And I heard that Corona’s sales have actually dropped because of the virus (I haven’t verified this however because it really doesn’t taste good).

    On a serious note, this was probably the most useful news coverage I’ve come across on this LOL

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