The Jester – A Poem, and Witcher

The Jester

I sat back to consider the time I’d spent on jestering

“Play me a tune,” they’d state and I played along

Watch me dance, sing along with my song

Of course, they always did as I said

Some didn’t play along

the witcher jaskier
Jaskier the bro

But that only enhanced my song

When others listened and felt enthronged

I’d sing louder and stronger

My steps were more lively

My tunes were more prouder

Look, look here

Watch me dance, watch my flair

I’m the jester for your carnival

Today I’ll be live


Not so

For tomorrow

the witcher

I just might die

Then who will make you laugh?

Who will make you cry?

Who will sing the songs…?

Of living and of life?

The Witcher Series

I was watching The Witcher – a FANTASTIC show, by the way – and it made me think of this poem since Jaskier kind of reminds me of myself.

If you haven’t seen the show on Netflix you should seriously give it a watch.  I love when an actor takes a role after doing research intensively because he knows it is a character that has a fan base that care.

Fans have read the books.  They’ve played the games.  They were waiting for this character they’d invested time and money into come to life on the screen.

Comic books are like this.  Entire book series are like this.  Shows that have been around for multiple seasons are like this.  Movies that made history are like this (Star Wars, of which I am one of the biggest fan, comes to mind).

star wars
Wow, to think half of them are gone now

They have built a fan base.  I am a fan of many things.  I suppose you reading, are, and have been, a fan as well.

So many franchises spun off fantastic books and comics and side stories that became canon.  Creativity breeds creativity.

This is what fans have been invested for years and involved with in their own way.  It’s why certain memorabilia has sold and they have Comic cons and Anime cons, and various gatherings for fans.

Because in these fan bases you realize something sparked.  There was something that ignited a group of people to come together and enjoy a franchise as one.  It’s kind of cool.

I am thankful Henry Cavill played Geralt of Rivia the way his character had been meant to be played.

the witcher henry
Damn, I’m hot

He became a fan himself of the series and was meant for the role.

If only others learned this lesson.  You are not there to subvert expectations and take away years of investment and then spit your own silly version in an invested fan’s face.  (Yes, I am looking at the ones who are ruining Star Wars, Star Trek, and every other franchise that has been ruined at the hands of people who don’t care about the history of a piece of fiction.)

They don’t do research because they simply don’t care.  Why should they?  They were never fans in the first place.

When a writer or creator invests in a piece of fiction that others enjoy there is a reason it sells so well.  It’s because maybe, just maybe, the writer knew what they were doing when they created “their” world and made a bit of fiction from within their own mind.  Others leapt on the bandwagon of thought and imagination.

It became… “enjoyable.”

I will write more on this later, but for now, I hope you enjoyed the poem, my small bit of a rant, and have your own fantastic day of searching and seeking, and enjoying those things you love!

Speaking of something I love, goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤








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