Three Old Guys and a Babe

The Presidential race has dwindled down to a race against the 78-year-old man, and the 77-year-old man, and the 73-year-old man, and a lone woman of 38-years-old that nobody seems to notice is still running for President.


Wow, such diversity.  I am sure we are all excited to make a statement against the country being run into the ground by old rich guys who are millionaires or billionaires and out of touch with new technology and the 21st century.  And yet… here we are.

Hey, us old rich guys love to touch stuff…

I am sure Trump is making lists of the various ways he can attack.  At the youthful age of 73, Trump is in the background rubbing his hands together awaiting his fight against either someone he can call a communist, or someone he can basically run circles around because his brain is deteriorating before us with every passing day.  (Sorry, it’s just the fact. – and yes, both their brains are deteriorating.)

You know who would run circles around Trump?  Tulsi Gabbard.

three men and a baby 2
There, there, Tulsi – we got this

It’s great that we are finally moving forward into the 21st century.

It’s so nice the Democratic party is being that “change” we have all waited for.

Just to be clear – as Bernie would say, “Let me be clear, all people like me have at least one summer home and a vacation spot.”  Yes, this is what he told Bloomberg on that debate stage.

Bernie made around 2 million last year and Biden has made over 15 million since he left the White House.

Wait, that’s not possible.  Aren’t these just guys like us?  Isn’t Bernie just a regular old Joe?  (He has been in politics about the same amount of time.)

No way, aren’t the Democrats the young and hip party.  Aren’t they supposed to get the youth of America?  Don’t they represent the growing minority population?

I’m so glad the Democratic party, known for it’s diversity, is leading the way against that crazy old white guy, Trump.

Spoiler Alert!  And, It’s International Woman’s Day!!! 

Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race.  She is a 38-year-old woman of color, military veteran, surfer, healthy, beautiful, and a populist who has popularity with normal Americans.  She is everything the DNC used to tout as their type of candidate.  Until she went against Hillary.  And now she is blacklisted.

tulsi and husband
Such a cute couple.  Tulsi with her husband, Abraham Williams

She is young enough to actually form a cognitive thought and string along a cohesive sentence.  Yet, they don’t want her to speak at the next debate despite her qualifying –  #LetTulsiDebate

tulsi is hot
I’m too strong for their weak minds

It’s because they know she, with a working and functioning brain, will run circles around the establishment Biden and the old-school socialist Sanders.  Her views want to move this ever-changing world and country forward.  She wants to get us out of the never-ending regime change wars and end these trillion dollar military budgets that feed our massive military complex.

These old men are still stuck in their heyday.  They are still stuck in solutions for the last century, but haven’t realized they are 20 years into the new millennium.  Trump is busy posting tweets and doesn’t care.  He just wants to tout a second term.

But the younger ones like Tulsi and Yang understood we have a new world.  A new world that needs new and forward solutions.  Even Petey, despite me disliking his

tulsi 1
Whoa, let’s be civil here

establishment polished politician ways, understood this fact.

And so, Tulsi Gabbard, despite still being in this race, has been black-listed.  The DNC is blocking her and constantly changing the rules to keep her off the debate stage.

We have three old guys and a babe left.

It’s sad that she fought for Bernie back in 2016 – costing all her DNC clout at the time.  She took on Hillary and the establishment to support Bernie, but he is absolutely silent.  He hasn’t said anything regarding how they changed the rules for the next debate.

Perhaps he knows he might actually be tested by her.

This in and of itself speaks a ton on this lifelong politician, that he has been so silent.

And that is what we have:

Two life-long politicians running for a job they have wanted for most of their political life.  Bernie is running for President for his second time, and Biden is making his third run for President.  Trump just loves to stroke his inflated ego and say he was a two term President.

Old guys – really old, old guys.  Do you get it?  They are seriously old enough that the first photo of the three men and a baby could have easily been their sons with Tulsi as a baby.  That’s how freakin’ old they are!

Whether you like Tulsi or not.  Whether you think she is a Russian asset or Assad sympathizer, you have to stand up for what is right.

You can’t change rules when things do not go your way.  You lose all credibility.

The Man of Honor and Humanity Forward Movement

Andrew Yang tweeted, “Someone asked me what the qualifications for the next debate would be. I responded ‘whatever Tulsi has plus one.’”

nov andrew and tulsi
Yeah, I was being kinda serious

This is sadly true.  He said it as a joke and off the cuff.  He knows what they are doing.  He mentioned Tulsi and how the media was unfair to her and was suddenly off the CNN panel.

Yang always speaks the truth.  You can’t just tell him, “Hey, stick with the boys and we got this.”  He doesn’t sell out his friends.  And Tulsi and Yang have been friends for awhile.

His new movement, Humanity Forward, the new non-profit that Andrew Yang started with the Yang Gang, pushes the same message of goodness, kindness, and moving forward with human-centered capitalism.

Unfortunately, some will sell out their friends no matter what happens.  Look at how they are treating Elizabeth Warren now?

ew 2
I’m just a sweet ole granny that berners are now cooking alive

I actually liked Elizabeth Warren and many eons ago wanted her to run for President.  But she is gone, and now we have Tulsi.  But she’s not the “woman” the DNC wants.  She doesn’t tow their line.

She and Yang are fighting the gigantic establishment conglomerate of the DNC, and let’s face it probably the RNC in the background – those who have lots of money and like things to stay the same – the oligarchy.  Us poor peons and American workers can sit back and idly watch the country crumble.  But hey, at least they keep their millions and billions.

Just like the song, “Money, money, money, money… money!”

Let’s not forget, Bernie is still a millionaire who can casually state on a debate stage, “Well, like most people I have a summer home.”

No Bernie, most people barely have one home.

Wealthy and Out of Touch

Do those two old guys have a chance against the young whippersnapper at 73-years-old, Trump?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I don’t know.  Stranger things have happened.

Most people retire between the ages of 66-70, yet we have these very, very aged men running for President.  The future of a rapidly technologically advanced, and quickly moving and changing world in the field of science, and climate change in the hands of men who only know how to type on a twitter feed, is scary.

I can do basic typing skills too, but don’t ask me to multitask and understand bitcoin and technology.

My problem is why do we have only old men running for President?

Did you know the most popular and most accomplished Presidents in history were all under 60?  They all had functioning brains.  There is a reason retirement comes in your 60’s.  I know I am beginning to feel that age 60 brain deterioration myself.

Lincoln was only 52, Teddy Roosevelt was 42, JFK was 43, FDR was in his 40’s, and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Harry Truman – also in their 50’s.

My favorite was Teddy Roosevelt.

teddy dapper
I was one hell of a dapper dude

He came in with his sharp brain, openness to new ideas, and championed the every day American worker during the turn of the 20th century, understanding the Industrial Revolution.  Andrew Yang reminded me of him at the turn of this century when we needed someone with fresh ideas.

Automation is coming.  Change is coming.  Technology is moving at a sharper and faster curve than even when the automobile was invented.  We are nearing 30 years past where we should be in recognizing and restructuring for the future.  We are more than 20 years past development to stop climate change.

andrew yang young
I’m pretty dapper too

The old money is still alive in fossil fuels and ruining the environment and so we need to remove the old guard and their grip on the world.  It’s time for them to step aside and allow the new minds with new and bright ideas to take over.

So, I’m pushing for the Yang Gang to join with the Aloha Gang and move our country forward toward reality, science, kindness and sanity.

It’s time to move Humanity Forward.

Thank you if you read this far.  Please leave a like or comment.  I’m curious to how you all think politically.  Have a wonderful day of seeking and searching and finding more than you hoped for!

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤



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