For Friday… The Must Watch Doja Cat!

Okay, I know I start many blogs with “Okay.”

But okay, this video.


I am completely and utterly addicted to and can’t stop watching Doja Cat.

doja cat
Who… me?

Where did she come from?  Where was she all this time?  Why have I never seen her viral video, Mooo! that has over 66 million views?  (I suggest you all check it out after this one.)

She is unapologetically, unironically, irreverently, and unquestionably talented.

And she is one of the most beautiful women in music today.  Mesmerizing.

If you didn’t like big butts before, you will now.

She is all natural.  There is no fillers or filling and she’s technically brilliant.  Her actual name is, Amala Zandile Dlamini and she’s from my home state of California.

doja cat bw
A more refined black and white photo

I hope to see a lot more of her hits and hope she keeps this disco sound.  It is pretty cool.

Please enjoy the music and beware… you might get addicted.




Have a wonderful night of seeking and searching amigos!

Love you Grace 🙂 ❤ 








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