Danger Zone – The Brawlin’ Debate!

So, we had a debate.  It was hosted by MSNBC (Minions Sold No-Questions-Asked to Billionaires Corporation).  It is common knowledge that the DNC changed the rules to accommodate Bloomberg being on that stage.

dem debate nevada
Bloom, Liz, Bernie, Joe, Petey, Klob



Where was Tulsi?  She deserved to be there, but they had Klob and Bloomberg instead.

Where was Tom Steyer?  Never mind, nobody cares.   I mean seriously – I am biased and I loathe him still in the race when someone who should be there like Yang is not.  Maybe it’s sour grapes, but this is what we have?

He looks like this —->

tom steyer look a like
Hi, it’s me, Tom Steyer!

Where was Andrew Yang?

Woo, he was the political commentator debuting on CNN.  I am seriously pushing for a Yang/Van Jones TV show right now.  They were great with their commentary.  That was much more worth watching than this silly debate.

Also, Yang will be starting a podcast on the issues that will actually help the people of the country.  I’ll let you all know when it starts. #YangGang!

andrew yang sad
Yep, he was greatly missed

Oh boy, do I miss the substantive content of Andrew Yang about solving problems and moving forward.

I realized while watching there was a theme song crying out to be played while they spoke.

Seriously, if you watch this last debate it is only bearable with this playing in the background:


Okay, with that said, let’s look over the 8th Democratic Debate, a.k.a.

Democratic Party is in the Danger Zone!

I noticed a few things while watching:

The entire debate was how to beat up a billionaire on a stage…  and Trump?

It was very white.

It was take down Bloomberg Fight Night.

There were A LOT of very old people on stage.

Why don’t politicians ever retire?!?!?!

Let’s go over ages at time of election:  Sanders – 79, Biden and Bloomberg – 78, Warren – 71, Steyer – 63, Klobuchar – 60.  Petey is only going to be 39 (but acts like he’s a 58-year-old boomer).  I can’t believe he and Tulsi are the same age.  Even Trump is going to be 74!

Yes, most are REALLY OLD!

They also completely forgot the coronavirus is a major epidemic and made no mention of it.  They barely spoke over climate change… again.  I’m not sure they even discussed foreign policy.  There is some wild stuff brewing over in Turkey and Syria – involving Iran too.

But nothing of worth was spoken of on that debate stage.

Mostly they fought about the same issues.  There was a lot of brawling and it was a loud debate.  None of them got it.

It was boring unless you enjoy Jerry Springer or reality TV shows.

Biggest Loser – Bloomberg, MSNBC & Those Watching

Oh my gosh, I realized Bloomberg looks like a lizard!  Seriously, check it out!

lizard 2
Bloomberg or lizard?  It’s so difficult!

He is out of touch and so far removed in his lofty billions.  He bragged about all his money.   The fact he states that he worked hard and that’s why he has billions?  Lots of people work hard.  Many probably work harder in manual labor.  It was very out of touch with the average worker.

But I’ll give Bloomberg the zinger against Bernie, “the best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses.”

The likeness is uncanny

Ooh, Bern!!!  He said something I’ve been secretly thinking but dare not say because Berners would cook me alive.  But yeah, Bernie is extremely wealthy and has lived in Washington unable to pass no more than 7 bills in his entirety being there (around 37 years).

But then Bernie is an activist and for that – he has done extremely so much for our country.  So… there’s that and that’s why I like Bernie.

Just There…?  And thus – LOSERS

Pete is still smarmy.  He copied Yang again! Haha  He copied him!  Oh my gosh – its getting silly.

pete butt smug
Nyah, nyah, Yang, nyah, nyah, nyah

He snidely just talks like he’s actually accomplished something in his life.  He panders but black and brown people cannot stand him.  He just says a ton of talking points.  Yeah, sometimes he made some good points, but overall he also seems detached in his little world.

His best part of the night – taking down Klob, but then he spoke… Spanish?

Ay dios mio!

Klobuchar (forever known as Klob) says nothing.  She has this voice that makes me squint and irk in pain.

Amy big mouth
Andrew is my bestie (I haven’t told him yet) but he so def is… yuh

She would get “klobbered” by Trump on a stage.

Whoa, you’re Andrew Yang’s friend?  Um… does he know that?

Biden looks lost.  Old Joe seems like a nice old guy, but seriously…?  He is out of it.

Joe brain melting
(I hope they don’t ask me any hard questions.)  (I’m actually asleep right now.) 

He is so lost and they could have placed a cardboard cut-out of him on stage and we would have gotten just as much information.


Honorable Mention

Tulsi Gabbard… yes, Tulsi.

I just like her; and her #AlohaGang gets along with the #YangGang.  She also likes UBI.  She wants to end regime change wars.  She is honorable.  She’s smart.  She’s taken just about every hit from everyone – both right and left – and is still standing.  She is stalwart, man, and she is so cool.

I’m all for her being President as long as she has Andrew Yang as her VP.


Elizabeth Warren… did pretty good.  She knew she had to come out swinging and was ready.  She actually is still a capitalist and understands we need to keep this type of system in place, but then just kind of talks and goes on and on.

ew 2
She really does seem like a nice grandma

She won the debate around one-and-a-half hours into the debate.  She went on with her ridiculous wealth tax again, but she is “almost” there, but not quite there.

Bernie Sanders was passionate and did a great job.  I am not a fan of Bernie because I believe his ideas to move the country forward merely changes it into a bad direction of high taxes and less freedom.  Move forward, Bernie!

I listen to no one.  I am stuck in my ways.  I am old.  I am talkin here!

Bernie, let me speak candidly, “TALK TO YANG!”

Go over his modern policies of human capitalism and UBI.  So much of what Yang says is because he’s young, brilliant and understands what we face in 2020.  He gets it.

You are still stuck in 1989 or earlier.  You are still stuck in your old grandfatherly ways when it comes to drug policy and human worth.  You still think we are only humans based on our jobs and as contributors in the cogs of the economy.  You have a good heart and I think you possibly care, but you are trying to fix it by moving the country in the wrong direction.

The Real Winner – Andrew Yang’s Voice & UBI

Oh, how I missed Andrew Yang.  So let’s see him on CNN.

I am totally wanting a Yang/Van Jones TV Show.  That would be so fun!

UBI is about freedom.  It’s about choices.  It’s about entrepreneurship.  It helps those who are disabled, unable to work 40 hour work weeks, caregivers, stay-at-home parents.  It helps so many more people.  We need financial relief – not a new job.  Most people hurting already have jobs.  That’s the problem.  We have two or three jobs already.  It’s not about lack of work.

Measuring human worth with economic worth is starting with the wrong premise.

nov andy yang
Still the best candidate

Bernie needs to seriously have a discussion about some policy changes with Andrew Yang.

And that was my take on the last debate.  It was short.  I mostly listened to music in the background.  It helped.  I laughed.  I cried, because I was laughing.  It was a really hollow debate of nothingness and just a lot of fighting.

Anyhoo, peeps, please have a fantastic day of searching and seeking and finding something new and cool!

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤






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