Sigh… Andrew Yang is Out… or?

And so, if you’ve read the news lately you have noticed someone else dropped out the 2020 Presidential race – what they like to call “suspending” a campaign.

Why do they even call it that?  He quit.  There was no suspension.

andrew yang sad

At first, I was angry.  I called Andrew Yang a fuckin wuss!  He just… quit?  Halfway through only the second primary?  Halfway through a small ass state that barely meant anything?  Why did he quit before the votes were even counted or even made?  Why did he waste so much time and money in Iowa?

These are two no-nothing states with populations of only white people and not diverse whatsoever.  They were outlier states and not indicative of our national fabric of many colors and backgrounds.

Why are they even the first states to have primaries?  Iowa caucus was a joke played on us all.  I think they still haven’t figured out the vote totals.

Oy, so much money and time wasted!

It was so dumb and a waste of time for everyone.  Bloomberg had the right idea – skip both those states altogether.  He’s a billionaire and even he didn’t want to waste his money there.

But Yang did… and he wasted it ALL on those two states.

And so, he quit.

And I was very upset.

And then he spoke on why he quit and I wasn’t quite upset because I know he just didn’t want people to keep throwing their hard-earned money his direction when he didn’t have a chance to win.  He wanted to tell people to stop because he could look out and see all these people are hurting financially and he didn’t want to add to that pain.

He, at his core, is a kind person.

The last of the good guys

That is so rare.

When I watched them all do their stump speech I realized every other word out of their mouths was, “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump, Trump, Trump…” and so on.

But not Andrew Yang.  He spoke of Trump only as the result of the disease that has taken over our country.  Trump is not the cause, but the result of suffering.

It’s not about defeating or going against someone.  They all only talk of this.  Bernie, Petey, Amy, Elizabeth, Biden, Steyer, Bloomberg and any of the others left.  They ONLY talk about defeating Trump.

But that’s stating the obvious.  You are running as President because you will beat the opponent as a natural end result – the natural outcome of winning is that the other person will lose.

That should not be the purpose of running for President.

Andrew Yang was the ONLY one who spoke of moving forward and solving the problems to help everyone in the country.  It wasn’t a sound bite.  It was a policy to move forward. It wasn’t against but for something – a better future for our kids.  He was never “against” anyone, but “for” us all.

Imagine a country with endless possibilities

I was so mad, but then I grew sad.

I went through the seven stages of grief, but skipped from shock, past denial and guilt and straight to anger and pissed, and then just a hollow sadness at the loss.

It felt so weighty on my soul because I knew America had been the biggest loser now that his voice was being snuffed out.  What we have now are the same platitudes and sound bites.  We have the same politicians.  We have the same political games.  Nothing changes.

It’s very sad to know hope is lost for our country with one man dropping out.

And so, I’m all in for Tulsi!  Woo! Tulsi all the way!

tulsi wonder woman
Woo, Wonder Woman for Pres!

No, I’m kidding.  But, I will still follow her campaign because I simply like that she is a giant “fuck you” to the DNC. haha  You go Tulsi!

Some of the worse responses to Yang dropping out, was that Bernie finally acknowledged him but it was in a way of saying only that he wanted him to help defeat Trump.  He was spouting the same crap he spouted when Hillary ran for President against Trump.  He never learns and he always stays the same.

Non-growth is not a plus Berners.  Never growing is not a good thing.  People spout Bernie is the same he was 40 or 50 years ago.  That’s really sad.  He hasn’t matured or grown in 50 fuckin years?!  That’s pathetic!

Bernie kept silent on the Yang Media blackout and his surrogates spreading false rumors, lies, and running a smear campaign against Yang, but was suddenly now acknowledging him?  Scott Santens in that link comprised the entire Yang Media Blackout and despite Bernie having gone through similar falseness, he didn’t acknowledge it in any way or speak up.  He never told his surrogates to stop lying about Yang and let it happen.

Bernie is a politician. He thinks like an old man in regard to human worth versus economic worth.  Just work more and you’ll be fine, in his mind.

bernie shill
80-years-old and still haven’t changed my way of thinking

People need to wake up to the fact he is a man who has been a politician his whole life.  He wants to be President before he dies – and that is his whole goal in life.  He has antiquated socialist ideology that does not work. It might have been great back in 1900, but we are 20 years into 2000 and those ideas no longer mean anything to moving forward.  Socialism and capitalism mean nothing when the world implodes on you.

Why do we always want to turn back the clock and think the old days were the good ole’ days?

Read a little history.  The old days were never better.

We need to move forward.  

I have absolutely no idea who I will vote for in 2020.  I believe voting counts for something.  I will not vote for Trump as a LOLZ.  That would be funny and I know Trump will have a second term.  It just is what it is, but I won’t be helping him get his second term for the lolz.

This is a scary and freakish clown… but still a clown

America deserves the man who continues to move the clock back in time.  State by state the Christian theocracy are moving through and dismantling all the pro-choice laws and making it more and more difficult for women – poor women – to get basic health needs.  Difficult for every aspect of women to get better healthcare and we are still sitting here and hoping for the best.

Trump is tightening his xenophobic agenda against ALL immigrants, not just illegal immigrants.  He is moving the clock further and further back to those good ole’ white only days.

He is continuing the upswing of the privatization of prisons and giving more authority to the police state and less and less to the citizenry.

He has completely changed the balance of the Supreme Court to the extreme right and its theocratic agenda.

But its not so much him as it is he is “allowing” this force of evil to continue as he turns his back.  This theocratic evil has been seeping into our society for awhile now.

Mike Pence evil
Yessssssss, yessssssssss, do my bidding

Pence stands back, like Palpatine in the Star Wars prequels, smiling and realizing his agenda is winning.  He calls his wife “mother” and if that isn’t a red flag then people need to wake up.

But yeah, let’s just keep thinking its all about defeating Trump.  Trump is the puppet for their agenda and we haven’t figured that out yet.  Of course, the Republicans love him.  He simply let’s them have everything they ever wanted and keeps America nice and dumb as they watch his reality TV show play out.

We have a sickness in this country that is spreading and instead of moving forward we think  we can just throw up buzz words and win something without realizing the most important thing:

People need help.  People are turning off because they are hurting.  Human beings do better when they are not in the mindset of scarcity.  Our economy needs to trickle up and not rain down upon.  Wars are not the answer.  The world needs to work together against climate change.  New technology is necessary.  Science is a good thing.  Facts don’t lie.  Math matters.  UBI was a great floor to build upon for change in the hands of the people.

A hand up is better than a hand out


But they want people of a country to hurt because when your back is up against a wall you make the worst decisions.  You agree to stupid laws and believe lies.  You think walls will cure everything.  You become xenophobic.  You blame “those” guys for all ills because why not?  They tell you something and so it must be true.  Our media run by the richest and corporations tell us what to think and we plug in or zone out.

And so, you had a truth teller and problem solver like Andrew Yang.  But that wasn’t enough.

nov andy yang
We can do it if we think a little harder, peeps!

Even in the New York Times last story they called him Andrew “Yank.”  Not just once, it was throughout their article.  They even trolled him on the way out.

What a bunch of assholes!

You realize everyone is an asshole and they laughed at the little guy and us peons who were smart enough to realize America does need to think harder.  Make America Think Harder was a silly concept because if America stops thinking then they win.

And that’s what all their campaigns and every other campaign is about.

Winning.  At all costs, they only want to win.

Kim Iverson said it best here:

What a breath of fresh air.  As she said, “It’s about the people, stupid.”  Yes!  She got it. She probably had one of my favorite goodbyes to Andrew Yang’s campaign.

I’m writing in Andrew Yang and I hope others will follow.  No more voting because you want to pick the better of the worst choice.  I want to vote FOR something.

I’m  #StillVotingYang

Or, we have all lost.

This is not the end of the #YangGang as we continue to move forward.

Please enjoy your day of seeking and searching, and hopefully thinking harder.

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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