Finally, a Debate with Andrew Yang

Yang said the most substantive things during the debate, and again had the least amount of speaking time.  I understand.  He was also not well during that debate and it was obvious he wasn’t feeling well.

The others said nothing new.  I won’t even mention them except in passing because I’m so tired of listening to the other candidates.

dem debate abc
My President Andrew Yang, #MayorCheat, a.k.a. #RePete, Bernie the Elder, Uncle Joe, Elderly Stateswoman Elizabeth, Soccer Mom and Quip Queen Klob, Billionaire Tom

I missed Tulsi Gabbard.  CNN didn’t even invite her to the Town Halls they ran.  That’s just DNC corruption at its finest.

But yeah, she is still running for President despite what you’ve heard!

tulsi wonder woman
Yep, I’m still here!  (I love this pic of our future VP)

I’m also tired of hearing our sitting President speak.  He gave the SOTU and I kept seeing the letters STFU in my head.

They all say nothing that helps people you pass on the street.  The everyday person that is struggling and trying to make ends meet.  The stock market is doing well?  Sounds great for those few who are invested in the stock market.  But that ain’t me, bro.

From the moment he made his opening statement to the last words he said, there was no one else on that stage speaking for why they are fixing the problems they kept repeating they wanted to fix.  They weren’t addressing what is truly at issue.

They never spoke of the human issue.  They all tout platitudes of government programs, evil rich people are stealing your money, male against female, this race or that race, and worth tied to work.  Nobody, other than Yang, spoke of human worth tied to how a country is doing.

How you feeling?  Not so well.  We are a country of “us.”  We need to stop saying it’s “them.”  This has to include us all, or we all fail.

People don’t have enough money to live, pay their bills, buy homes, pay for college or pay off college debt, see a doctor, take a breath.  They are living with a mindset of scarcity.

We work a lot in this country but our median income is not any better.  Having more jobs or getting paid a pittance more, does not address so many other issues.

Hey Bernie and Elizabeth, working more doesn’t help most of us.  Biden and Liz and Amy, making sure infants have schooling doesn’t help keep them fed.  Steyer and Bloomberg, use your billions to help the ones who actually have real ideas to help the country and stop your vanity project of running for President because you have a lot of money.  Been there – done that. I physically feel ill when I watch either of you speak.

Bernie, you’re 80-years-old and paying for healthcare helps other elderly like you, but it doesn’t address those of us who are healthy and still struggling.  (Btw, an extra $1,000 a month to elderly people on SS would be a great boost.)  What about young people?  Not just the 30-some percent who go to college, but the others who are creative and live outside the box from the 1900’s?  I like you Bernie, but your ideas are antiquated.  Bernie is a great activist, but his ideas are antiquated.

I’d love enough extra cash to buy some good veggies and fruit at the Farmer’s market.  I’d love that little bump of cash so I don’t have to work another job.

Andrew Yang is the ONLY one discussing this stuff about technology.  All those elderly on the stage don’t have a clue about modern technology.

Race anyone? 

And let’s look over the whole race debate.

Discussing black issues among a bunch of wealthy white people on a stage.  That was just weird.

Watch this video with Fatboy SSE and NDO champ.

Amazing!  Cash actually does help.

This helps in their neighborhood, and it would help in every other Asian, Latino, white, and every other neighborhood too.  It is heartwarming.  You know the ones who received a random gift of a thousand dollars needed that money for groceries, bills, a repair, their kids, and so many other things that would help them.

If you are human, that video should have brought about a lump in your throat.

None of them said, “Woo, I’m going to quit my job and go buy alcohol and drugs!”

Listen to what those folks said when they received some extra cash.  It’s about family.  Martin Luther King understood this when he spoke of a guaranteed income.

Do the math and you will see how money will help and give a floor to stand on.  This isn’t the cure-all and Andrew Yang never said it would cure every ill (as many will lie and tell you from the far left side).  It’s a “basic” income to add onto your already income.  This doesn’t take away disability payments (as many of the far left will lie about).  It’s an additional basic income. This is what so many others do not understand.

The word “basic” eludes them.

Some people who are caregivers would just like some more time.  They can’t take care of loved ones if their time has to be spent in a $15 an hour job for 40 to 60 hours a week to make ends meet.  Even then, that’s not enough to feed one or two kids a month and pay rent.

Now, once everyone gets that little extra cash you start fixing one thing at a time: healthcare costs, prescription price gouging, making sure medicare is for everyone, deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, renewable energy, foreign policy, corruption in politics with democracy dollars, student loan debt, new jobs of the 21st century, sensible drug policy and prison reform, and all the other issues Andrew Yang has stated very plainly on his list of 100+ policies on his page at Andrew Yang 2020.

He not only states how to fix the problems, he actually states the reasonable way to pay for it by the money that the richest country in the world can actually pay.  He’s done the Math and it makes economical sense.  He uses the things that other countries have done that work, and doesn’t try to force ways that other countries have proven do not work.  He uses what works and leaves behind what doesn’t work – oh my goodness, brilliant!

Every question asked on that stage last night could have easily been answered by Andrew Yang.  Many actually (mostly Petey #PeteCopiesYang) did use Yang’s answers.  At least Biden credited Yang when he took one of his ideas.  Thanks Joe.

There will never be another ordinary man like Andrew Yang running for President.  We’ll just keep getting recycled messages, platitudes, the same party politics, the same tickle-your-ear politicians, and the same oligarchy, or we’ll go extreme to the other end with big government taking care of our every need and less financial freedom because all our money will go into paying higher taxes.

We need to move forward and realize that we live in a new century – a new millennium – and so we need modern and new ideas to move forward with the technological and scientific advancements of our time.

Let’s move forward.  Lets get a brilliant young mind like Andrew Yang who isn’t trying to boost their own ego (Mayor Pete).  Pete is the polar opposite of Yang.  It’s pretty obvious by what Pete states is that he will do any underhanded thing to get elected.  He’ll schmooze with billionaires and make back room deals in wine caves.  He only wants to win and beat Trump.

Let me tell you – that is not a platform.  Beating and winning is not a platform.  It helps no one if that’s your only goal in life.

pete butt smug
Nyah, nyah, nyah…

And maybe that makes him a better foil for Trump who also doesn’t care about honor or truth, and only wants to gloat and win.  They might make the best duo to fight in this next election.

If that’s all we want is a fight among narcissists then that might be best.  Might be fun to watch!

But I’m tired of the reality TV show we have going on right now in government.  Plus, Trump will eat that little manlet alive.

Let’s just get someone in there who will fix problems, talk to everyone on both sides of the aisle, and move us forward.

Let’s grow up and move forward.  That was my take on this last debate and why I missed Yang so much and didn’t even report on that last debate.

I dare you to watch just a few of Andrew Yang’s interviews on YouTube.  It will make you understand that he is the only candidate of the future.

And that’s all on politics!  I hope you all have a good day of searching and seeking and finding what you are looking for and more!

Goodnight Grace 🙂 ❤

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