A Short Poem and a Caucus

Out to Dry

Words lose their meaning

When spoken too often

Reflexively, they pass throughblowball-dandelion-dandelion-seed-54300

One ear, and out the other

Its just another line to be hung

Like dirty laundry out the back

They drip and flail until dry

Once the winds pick up

They fly away to other ends

To be spoken once again


That was a quick scribble I wrote while at a lull during work.  I considered titling it “Laundry.”  What do you think was a better title?

And to my fellow Americans, how about that Iowa Caucas?  

Debacle? Silly? Infuriating? Sad?  All of that and more?  I can’t believe I laughed out loud at some of the Republican tweets that were bred from that debacle.  (And I am not a Repub.)

I know we need to move forward with Andrew Yang and his ideas.  I love Dave Chappelle. He has always been my favorite comedian.

When he came out and endorsed Andrew Yang it was because of reasonable reasons and because he knows what any of us knows after spending time listening to what Andrew Yang sincerely is saying.

We have to move forward because forward is the future for our kids.  You need to visit Andrew Yang’s 2020 page and know what that means.

Old is what Old Does

I work in the health insurance industry.  I listen to a lot of elderly.  What I find is they don’t like progress.  Overwhelmingly, they don’t like doing things online.  They don’t understand why nobody writes checks.  They don’t understand why they need email for correspondence.  They don’t want anything to change.  They want us to go backward.  They think technology is evil because they don’t “get it.”

And all this I am listening to on the phone – as I near 60-years-old – wondering, “what the f*$% is wrong with these elderly brains?!”  Are old Americans just dumb?  Why would you want to  stop progress at the detriment to your youth?  How very selfish.

And so, we want to elect an 80-year-old President – once again, with antiquated ideas from the last 100 years.   Not to be mean, but in 20 years they are all going to be dead (for the most part) – but all the young people will still be here.  They will be stuck with what these old people leave in their own selfish want.

Just something to think about.

I hope you all have a great day of seeking and searching and finding something beyond what you thought you were looking for.

Goodnight Grace 🙂 ❤







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