More Intermission Poetry

It’s All Gone

I am standing outside

Speaking in the cold

Watching my breathdoodles for grace 2

As it coils and dissipates

Into the air

Phantoms of ice and smoke

The cool sky evaporates

Breath no more

Words spoken are gone

Never existed

Never heard

The air takes my meaning

It’s all gone

When did we last talk?


Standing in the cold

The air holds onto my breath

Grabs it and doesn’t let godoodles 1

It’s all gone

Meanings meant

Sent to the ground

Gravity pulls it down

Lost to never found

It’s all gone

Was it there?

If never heard

Was it there?

If a meaningless word

I stand outside

Speak to the sky

The ice and frost

Hold onto each whisper

Was it ever there?

If never hearddoodles for grace

It’s all gone

Again, it’s all gone

I speak to no one

When no one hears

The cold air watches

My lips parted

Frozen into place

Because the realization is this:

Meaning is nothing without you

Without you

It’s all gone


Yes, these are my simplistic little drawings.  Please feel free to comment and listen to the music I placed on my site.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a wonderful day of seeking and searching. 🙂

Good morning Grace 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

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