Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head

This song by Post Malone, Circles, gets stuck in my head.  I’m placing the version with the lyrics because it helps to understand the emotion behind the song and why it latches onto my mind.

I kept hearing it play on the radio and it makes me cry because it reminds me of life right now.

And then this song by  Selena Gomez, Lose You To Love Me.  It seemed I deserved this song to be sung to me.

The lyrics of both songs are very appropriate for my life right now.  But, they have the added plus of being good songs with a catchy tune.

Both have lyrics because if you’re like me, you like to sing along with the song.

Now there is a song, Don’t Be So Serious, by Low Roar (Ryan Karazija), that makes you just feel pangs.  Pangs of life.  Pangs of hurt.  Pangs of each emotion that hits and touches the edge of a nerve, coiling through the body until it hits the brain.  You wonder why you feel on edge, or ready to cry, or you feel like maybe you’ll just fall off a cliff or recoil into a ball.

Each moment of this song you realize this is what crafting a song should always be.   I’m a big fan of Low Roar and thankful the game Death Stranding by Kojima brought me to his music.  I’m totally hooked on his entire album, Once In A Long, Long While…, and encourage you all to listen to more of his music.

Please listen and enjoy, and I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful day of seeking and searching.  Maybe one day I’ll grow up enough to live better than now.  For now, I’ll keep hanging on by my nails, realizing sometimes life is just… life.

Goodnight Grace. ❤

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