This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

A poem (with many cute pics of dogs and cats).  *clears throat*

My Love… This Isn’t What it Seems this Christmas… so Please?

How do you love me…?

I mean really how?

Seriously, why do you always use my photo for these senseless poems?

Sometimes you’ll ask me before answering

And then answer before asking

And I am standing here with eggnog in hand

But egg in my face because this wasn’t the Christmas, I’d planned

I certainly thought by now we’d be holding hand in hand before the gesture

Is greater than the stand I’ve taken

Because my heart can’t be laid bare on coals of care

I was just “kitten” babe

And ouch, the frigidness of your cold stare is something I truly cannot bare

My heart is hurting when you dismember

Each and every word before hearing my first thought

And yet I stand here again with hand out waiting to gesture

A common care and caricature, with my wide-eyed and lovey-dovey stare

Across a screen because that’s the only place my love can be seen

Oh bother, you spew, and who cares, because I’m insinuating here!

That you really don’t love me

Oh bother… 

No not at all, not at all I think

Because you missed that text within a full day or so

I’m quite upset that you failed

Yet… again, my fair-weathered girl and friend

Sigh, I considered typing back with all thumbs that I lack

But first I was working and then I was sleeping

And then I was playing a game on my phone

It takes a lot of energy getting these blankets just right for proper relaxation

But let’s not split hairs because of a show I had to binge

It was really quite interesting

Perhaps you should watch it when you get the time?

Is it possible the screen is broken?

I see fumes from words unspoken

And so, I dally with saucy and quick repartee, I tell a quick joke

Nothing seems to be working this Christmas day

You know I have a life, that isn’t always happily empty inside

I love most days because I’m blissfully ignorant like that

Buh, buh, uh buh, buh…

I never realized life was not the same on the globe’s other end

I realize there are riots and poverty and starvation and such

But I’m quite comfortable with this lamb leg and potatoes I’ve newly tried

Hasselback, I think, joining my homemade rolls and spears of asparagus

That especially delicious homemade apple pie and banana bread

Had just one little taste before the family came out

You know my will is weak and my words most usually come out bleak

Ah, but I forgot the walnuts and it makes me quite upset

I greatly dislike banana bread sans nuts!

angry-animal-cat-1331821 (1)
You really are full of nuts in the noggin

I’m sorry, did you say you think I’m absurd?

With my prose and words of baking finesse?

Makes sense to me though, despite you thinking I’m a blessed mess

Hello?  Hello?  Did you hang up again?

Oh bother, this holiday is becoming less than what was hoped

As I gather the full meaning and gather the full scope

Of my silly problem with empathy and another’s existence

I tend to have a very, very preoccupied life

A life preoccupied with me

Eight paws are better than four when walking down a road that most assuredly has zombies at the other end

Would you gander a problem child like me

Could verily and verily make you feel happy?

I venture a small note, and then an email

In hopes to break this ice floe that’s come floating across our bliss

Would you consider the fact I love you so much more than I can ever say?

In my words written and my attempts at conveying by only an emote or sticker on a screen

You know I love you more than anything… and yes, along with other things because

My life is a bit full, but never doubt the overflowing goodness

Knowing I have you in my presence

I’m here again, looking extra cute

And you truly are my best of Christmas presents

So please, forgive my ADHD and my lack of sympathy and empathy

And all the other piteous of pities

Because I’m going to tell you just this once

I LOVE YOU, you silly and beautiful love of my life

adorable-angry-animal-208984 (1)
I concur

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and one day we really will spend it together

And I’ll bake you the most delicious banana bread with nuts

Cause it’s just not the same when every ingredient isn’t in place

Wouldn’t you agree?

The truly best thing that’s happened to me?


Here’s a great Christmas song to end the year.  Please sing along.  It’s the only way to listen to this song. My favorite song dedicated to my favorite girl.

I hope you have a fantastic New Year of searching and seeking amigos, and good night Grace! 🙂





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