My Beautiful Shi-maa Cup

Okay, so I have this cup.  It’s from Japan and called a Shi-maa cup.BlackGold 4  (I think that’s how you spell it.)

It’s gorgeous.BlackGold 1  I’m very much in love with this cup.

I also have a coffee cup.

I call my coffee cup Silevo,Silevo 1 but I call my water cup, Black & Gold (B&G).

Silevo is getting jealous of B&G.

I’ve had my coffee cup, Silevo, for four to five years.  It’s always been great for my coffee.  It was the only thing I got from a really lousy job that lasted for nearly three months with no pay.

But I got this cool yellow cup!

housewife too
Loved working for no pay!

For some reason, that made me happy.  Ah, the memories I’ve shared with Silevo; the myriad pieces of writing with Silevo by my side.

But now my B&G cup is doing a great job of keeping my hot drinks hot, and my cold drinks cold.  There is no condensation when I place ice in B&G.  I made a really smooth bourbon and coke and it was fantastic!

BlackGold 3
Super Cup!

It’s not hot to touch when I place my coffee inside, and yet it keeps the coffee hot for much longer than Silevo.

And so, I’ve considered using B&G for my coffee in the mornings.

But I tried coffee in B&G and it’s just not the same.  There’s no handle to grip.  I need a handle on my writing endeavors.

Coffee needs a handle

And so, I’ll go back to Silevo for my coffee and keep B&G for my ice cold water, bourbon, whiskey, coke, beer, lemon-lime, mixed drinks, mimosa’s, wine, and pretty much every other drink.

Silevo, however, will always be my coffee cup.

I love you Silevo.

Silevo 2
Schwoo, I’m so happy!


But B&G is much more practical.

Did you know you could have an awesome Shi-maa cup made in Japan too?  Yes, by simply going to my Bonanza booth, Beautiful_Japan, and ordering a Shi-maa cup.  They come in red, black, mixed with REAL GOLD on the outside, and with gold and silver interior’s, and in all sizes.

Now, I haven’t added all the new cups quite yet, but I’ll keep you all updated.  These make awesome Christmas gifts!  Just sayin…. 😉  And, I will always bargain on the price because I think everyone should have a Shi-maa cup.urushi shima cups

Shi-maa, the only cup you’ll need.

…Unless you drink coffee.  Then yeah, hopefully you’ll get a free yellow coffee cup with a handle.

I hope you loved this little advertisement that wasn’t much of an advertisement.  I mostly just told Grace I was going to write about the Shi-maa cup she gave me and so this is it.  A little promotion mixed with a little humor.

I really am attached to my coffee cups.

(Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels)


(Slightly ashamed to admit that… heh.)

But really?  Cups can be pretty personal.  I mean, you drink socializing, sitting by the comp, reading a book, or just hanging out.  There’s always a reason to have a drink.

So, cheers and gumbatte my friendo’s, and have a good day of searching! 🙂

Have a great day Grace! 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Shi-maa Cup

  1. Coffee cups for a true coffee drinker are an extended part of ourselves lol. I love your cup by the way. My favorite one is bright orange with “Don’t you dare give up” wrote on it.

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