That Was Some Boring Debate But…

Did you all see Biden lose his teeth?

Joe loses teeth
“If I hold my mouth just so, these teeth will stay in.”  Nope, they still fell out.

That was pretty wild and kind of sad, and you have to feel badly for someone who has to stand for three hours, talking nonsensically about how blacks can’t parent, and they need someone to step in and play record players and… speak words (?) until they lose their teeth.

He is old.  Has no concept of the present age we live in.  He is just so set in his ways back in the 60’s with “Corn Pop” and he’s no longer qualified to move a country forward into the second decade of the millennium when his brain is still working on a 1980 processor.

I painfully ask, “Please drop out Joe!  PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE, for the love of America and all that is apple pie and overpriced healthcare you support!”

He is painful to watch and then there were the others on stage.

I’m talking the 3rd Democratic Debate!

debate september

Yep, 10 were on the stage and one who was actually higher in the polls than at least four (Amy, Beto, Julian and Cory) of those on stage, Tulsi Gabbard, was not there.  Why?  Where’s Tulsi?

Tulsi takes on Kamala
I’m the only one who made sense and I wasn’t even there.

It should be a hashtag, #WhereWasTulsi3rdDebate?


The Klobutcher, Cory Bookmeaflightfromhere, Petey Buttgig, Grandpa Bernard, Old Joe, Corporate Warren, Camel Hair, YangGang Leader, Better Choices, Castration Castro.  They were there.

Am I a Democrat?  Eh, kind of am and kind of am not.  I think whoever makes sense for the country should be President.  That means I don’t like Trump because he never makes sense.

I have to admit.  I could not watch this debate.  It was very boring.  I would watch some, like the first 27 minutes of them only talking about healthcare, bouncing back and forth from Sanders to Warren team tagging Biden.  Boom!

three old people
Three Elderly Amigos

Biden just kept his ridiculous ramblings of how great the Affordable Care Act was (it was not) and how he’d just tweak it a bit.  They might all be of a similar age, but at least Warren and Sanders sound like they still have functioning cognitive abilities.  Biden, no not really.


Overwhelmingly, people know we have a messed up healthcare system.  Sanders and Warren stated the truth and were fantastic during this part of the debate.

Our broken healthcare system doesn’t work.  We pay twice as much as the rest of the developed world on our healthcare.  We keep doing the same crazy thing and it doesn’t work.  Only Sanders and Warren were speaking the truth on healthcare, but for some reason Biden just rambles and polls place him ahead.  I’d say something is wrong.

There were others who spoke, but the best surprise was in the opening statement when Andrew Yang (my man) stated he would give 10 families $1,000 a month for a year.

Pete mocked.  Kamala laughed.  Klobuchar chuckled.  But you know who wasn’t laughing?  The over 73% of America who struggled every day to pay their bills.  $1,000 would be a life saver for them and instead of Yang paying for a million dollar ad to make himself look good, he pays the American people money to make it through the month and year.

Buying votes?  yang_animatedOh yeah, 10 people will vote for you?  No, he’s telling the country that money works better in the hands of every day Americans than in this bloated game of electing politicians.  The game of playing politics where hundreds, thousands, and millions of dollars are spent on ads and campaigns to help only one person: the candidate.

Take some time to clap and appreciate that concept peeps.  He’s giving the money to real people struggling.  Oh my, the horror!  Money to actual human beings.

Okay, and so lots of people spoke at the debate.  Beto wants to take away everyone’s AK’s and AR’s and such.

I want every single gun!

He just spouted he was going to take away everybody’s guns was just overwhelmingly stupid.  There are a lot of responsible gun owners in this country.  He just went over-the-top crazy left-wing cuckoo.


Kamala was on something.  I’m just not sure what it was, but she was talking and laughing like a friend I got high with once.

Yo, I wasn’t even there, but bitch you on something

I have no idea what she stands on, but she did recognize she was eventually running against Trump. Cory had words come out of his mouth and his eyes continued to bulge.  I don’t get why he’s there.  He was a non-entity.  Those three have no real substance and they all drive me crazy.

Meh… he said nothing of substance

They would better serve as Senators or congress people.


Now, they are probably decently nice people.

There was Mayor Petey who is just so condescending.  Okay, yes my comment was a little condescending.  He cut off Yang when he was trying to speak.  He mocked his opening statement.  But what does Pete stand for?  Anything?  Every word that comes out of his mouth has no substance but sounds good on a sound bite.  He is like the poster child of politicians.

I question my existence often

I am just not sure.  He has no idea about healthcare.  He has no idea what to do.  Who are you Pete?


Amy Klobuchar was constantly trying to sound like an “everyday” gal.

Whatever, I didn’t even get a new pic of her because I’m so bored by her

I appreciate what made her become a Senator.  She’s just another one of those who doesn’t seem to stand for anything.  She’s probably a good Senator and that’s where she does most good.


Julian Castro is never going to be President.  He is low in the polls.  Nothing changed.  But, as I read by someone on a thread, “he fell on the sword for the greater good.”

castro speaking truth
Your mind is slipping dude!

Yes, he served up Biden and his obvious senility and he kept calling out Biden.  He did a great job of highlighting what everyone else was thinking.  Joe is too old and out of touch, and clings to Obama when it benefits him, and steps away blaming Obama when its something not popular.


Castro was right.

Let me give you some Numbers

This is what was learned in the debate, but also what we all know if we look it up.

$750 billion to the military complex… every freaking year!

$300 billion to pharmaceutical companies… ever growing!

Individually people on average pay around $10,000 a year on healthcare (up $3,000 in the last 10 years).  That doesn’t include what they pay insurance companies for home insurance, or renter’s insurance, or car insurance.


Billions goes to things we don’t need.

Bills keep adding and adding and adding up


People are crying over giving the American citizens (age 18 and up) at a cost of around $3.5 billion a year, money to survive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution as everything changes in our living standard as we speak.  Automation is here.  GDP is antiquated.  How we measure human worth is not realistic. Stay at home moms and caregivers actually mean something and have a meaningful existence in our society and world, and yet have zero worth according to our measuring standards.

Human Capitalism that will benefit humanity in our country?  Trickle-up economy, rather than pissing down, a.k.a. trickle-down?  It’s starting with a buffer of $1,000, rather than at zero.

This is not a big deal in the grand scheme of life and our economy.  In fact, this will barely pay for our insurance payments every year!

What about our electric bills, housing payments, gas bills, water bills, utility, phone and internet payments, food bills, gas and transit, tolls, car repairs and maintenance, medical bills?

These all add up and you know what isn’t changing?  Our income.

I don’t always agree with Kyle Kulinski at Secular Talk.  I, however, do agree with him on his views of the losers of this democratic debate.  He actually stated everything better than I could have done.

His comments on the winners of the debate are also something I agreed on, but his comments on Yang, of course, I don’t always agree with because he’s a Bernie bro and follower, and much further left than I am, and I am not a democratic socialist, but a capitalist at the core.  Our system has just become greedy as f*&#.

Kyle doesn’t make any sense as to why he doesn’t like UBI, and yet he kind of does?  He’ll say he wants UBI, but not the way Yang says it?  Overall, just kind of wonky reasoning here.  I think he just doesn’t want to agree with Yang because it might make him feel disloyal to Bernie.  I just think Bernie is wrong not promoting UBI.

Overall, ABC sucked as the debate moderators.  MSM (mainstream media) is pushing its own agenda.  They want Biden, an old shill of corporate America and that’s who they will continue to promote.  He is old and like the elderly congressman I worked for, they will be his handlers and old senile people are easily manipulated and able to handle for your bidding.  It’s just how it goes.

Bernie Sanders is sharp and not showing cognitive deterioration or senility.  I will say that for Bernie, and I would not mind voting for him as President because he always stands up for the people.  But again, he’s just wrong on his federal jobs program idea.  It isn’t for older people, or people with disabilities, or stay at home caregivers.  It doesn’t help them whatsoever like a UBI would.

Yang just has better policies and is more in line with my thinking in every aspect.  So,  #Yang2020 #YangGang #HumanityFirst and every other hashtag. Go to his site Yang2020 if you are an American and sign up to win the $1000 a month for a year.  It’s for free and you don’t have to donate, but if you believe in his policies and the point he’s making that Americans do better making their own financial decisions, then do donate.

I’ll leave you with something a cool Yang Ganger made that’s pretty creative.  Yang is the candidate for creative people.

Have a good day of searching, and goodnight Gracie! 😀 ❤



















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