Good Vibes

So, according to my fortune cookie, “Good vibes are coming your way.”


Anyhoo, I was just thinking over life.  I started to write a little bit on this novel I’ve been writing for a year.  It’s part of my memoirs.  Once again, I am writing a love story.  I keep thinking this is the one.  You know?  The “ONE.”

Yes, she really is the one.  I’m not just thinking or daydreaming or hopeful.  I’ve never met a person that after a year is still in love with me.  It’s a strange and eventful feeling.   Eventful, you ask?

Eventful:  Marked by interesting or exciting events.  Action-packed.

Wow, just like a Louis Koo movie.

Grace loves this Hong Kong actor named Louis Koo (Mr. Kool).  I watched one of his movies and he is most definitely a cool guy.  I can see why the girls swoon over Mr. Koo(l).  He is also a secret philanthropist.  That’s like a secret Santa.


That is Mr. Koo.  He looks nothing like Santa.

But again, I digress, and I am also late in writing this.

Happy New Year!  It’s the year of the pig.

Happy Lunar New Year!  It’s the year of the pig.

There, now I got all my “Happy New Year’s” out of the way.

Being a pig year means we should all have a better 2019 than 2018.  That’s what I tell myself.  I am hopeful this will be a better year.  It needs to be.

So far, it is both the best of times and the worst of times.  I have a new apartment and my beautiful son is living with me, but Grace is far away and still suffering with a broken foot, bruised ribs and hurting hands exacerbated by using crutches for her broken foot.  So, there is always “something” that is going to make life hard.

Do you wonder why?

I wonder that a lot.  Are our lives driven by an unknown fate, an unknown God, or a general unknown?

Sometimes just as you think you are getting up on your feet, you have a free trip to Japan, a fantastic new job, all the food you can eat and wonderful accommodations, and then you fall in a hole.  That’s what happened to Grace.

Sometimes, just when something good happens a tragedy then takes place.  All of life is these constant dichotomies.

Okay, now is when I take a deep breath and write what’s next.  Sigh.

I was going to try very hard not to write about the state of our country with our dementia-ridden president at the helm, but then he went and did something cringe-worthy again.


I know late night shows must love that he constantly gives them something to talk about.  I have noticed a shift, however, and they are no longer writing light humor as they did with George W.  It’s no longer silly faux pas with the English language and there is a much worse sense of urgency.  Like… a state of emergency.

I am seeing real angst on the late night hosts.

Okay, the orange one just called a state of emergency because he wants a massive wall.

Take a moment to laugh hysterically.

Yes, I did.  I really didn’t believe it when Grace told me.

Now, you don’t have to watch any of those videos, but they are pretty funny.  Joking aside,  I don’t really watch news these days.  Its bad for my health.  When Grace, who lives in an entirely different country, told me what was happening in my country I didn’t believe her.  I thought she was joking, but I Googled it and she was right.  (And, I also got all these funny videos.)

He called a state of emergency.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Apparently, he’s made up a lot of facts that are not true just do get his way.  Children do this when they want something that a parent knows they should not have, but they try to find a way to get it any way.  They make stuff up.

Who builds walls these days?  Ronald Reagan and many good leaders of the 80s spent their time getting rid of a massive wall.  Does history always repeat itself?  Why do we have dictators in a so-called democracy?  A dictator is merely a leader of a country who always wants his or her way.

We live in a very messed up country right now.  I don’t think a President is going to fix all the problems.  Of course, a president can certainly add to the problems.

I really didn’t want to write about the orange man, and I wanted to write about good vibes and a new year.  So…,

Let’s talk about something interesting for the new year of the pig.

I have this pig that I’m keeping for Grace.  It’s a somewhat antique, at over 50 to 70 years old.  Because it’s so old it was carved out of ivory from a time when people used to use ivory.  Obviously, this has been abolished.  It is a relic of the past.  A relic that existed as a treasure back when it was made, but is now a burden and reminder of cruel practices.  There is no way you can ever sell this antique.  It’s simply a token from her dad’s belongings since he’s passed away.

I think of this little carved pig and what it meant at the time.  It was supposed to bring good luck.  I think I have it because it’s supposed to bring good luck.  I’m not quite sure it’s working.  It was not very lucky for the elephant.  Like a rabbit’s foot that did no good for the three-footed rabbit.

Good vibes are coming my way, I guess.  I certainly hope so.  We need a better year than 2018.  For me, it really was the best of times and the worst of times.

Anyhoo, I hope good vibes come your way.  And so I leave you with a good vibe song.

Oom bop bop and do do do do do and a na na na!

Have a good day and good searching!



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