My Amazing Grace

I have been dating a super woman.  I’m actually in love with this super woman.  She’s the love of my life and I can’t believe us two old(er) ladies found each other.


I know, it’s pretty unbelievable.

I just love her so much.  I think she kind of likes me too.

I sometimes wake up having to pinch myself.  She’s pretty amazing.  That’s her being silly on our morning walk.  And here, I thought I was random.

… and pretty beautiful. *sigh*  She takes my breath away.

She speaks five languages and was a Sales Manager and Translator, and even dabbled in stocks and such.  She’s worked for major companies in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and all over Europe.  I love to hear her speak with her proper English.

And she looks like the President of Taiwan!


Seriously, am I right?  They’re both cute, but Grace is much cuter in my opinion.

However, she lives like a monk in Taiwan.  And this monk came to visit me.  We spent around three months together.  Sometimes we fought, and sometimes we made up, and many times we laughed.  Mostly, we just enjoyed each other’s company.  She’s pretty funny.  She says silly things.  I just say lots of dumb things and she laughs.  She thinks I’m funny and she loves that I make her smile.

I like that she challenges me.  We even got to wrestle.  (That was extremely fun.)

Every moment is refreshing with Grace.  She’s like that.  She just places her arms around me or cuddles and it’s like I’m the only person in the world.  I have never met another more unique soul.  She’s so weird like me.  It’s funny. 🙂


We’re dorky in public.  She likes to hold my hand when we walk and cuddle close to me, because she gets cold easily – she’s so small.  In Texas, we get odd looks.  Two women being affectionate is not the usual.  But it doesn’t faze Grace.  She always likes to hold my hand.


It was like 89 degrees, and she was cold.  This is when we went down to Corpus Christi.

Below is a photo of when we visited my old church. They were not very welcoming when we walked around holding hands.  Haha


We eat out a lot, and Grace loves fries.  She’s very healthy, but fries will be her downfall.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you that I’m in love with my amazing Grace.  She was unexpected.  An unexpected surprise and blessing in this harsh life.

She had to go back recently, because of her visa, and the healthcare is cheaper.  She needed to take care of her hands and sell some stuff.

But, I’m hoping to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year’s with her again.  I can wait.  I have waited my whole life for her, so a few months shouldn’t be too difficult for us to be apart.

We gave each other parting gifts.  They are a promise… a promise we will be together forever.


Yes, I am going to marry this woman.  We both want to marry each other.  I just love her so much.   Here is a poem/song for her.

With Every Turn

To My Grace


[Very slowly develops]


Every time I turn around

As my feet touch the ground

I walk and listen

For the sound

Of her beside me

In the quiet

Of the morning

I continue

Mindlessly meandering

Always yearning

With every glimpse

I partake

The side peripheral

That I sneak

Just one sight

Just one glance

Could I catch?

Oh please, just once more

To see her there

Beside me

The sight of her

The sound of her

The touch of her


Upon my soul

The parts only I

Can sense…

And know, deep within

She’s tucked further

Than one body can hold

With every day

I lose just a little more

Of the woman

I came to adore

But I know one day

One day

I will see

I will be

With her…with her

Again… yes, again


I don’t know

I don’t know

I don’t know

How this will end

But I’m sure

Yes I’m sure

Oh so sure

We’ll be together again

I don’t know

I just don’t know

How the wheels

Will turn

I’m so sure

Yes so sure

The fates

Will have their turn

But I know

Yes I know

That I’ll fight them

Each day

And I’ll beg

Yes I’ll beg

That she…

Returns… To me

And that day

Yes that day

She will


(Return…) to me

[Allegro and lengthened]


I will hold

Her hand in mine

And never let go

Not one more time

Because I know

Yes I know

Most determinedly

That she is… always mine

That she, and I

With every turn

Together, we will once again

Be… once again



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