Alpha and Beta and C

Do you know that commercial where there are around three or four people saying, “See ME?”  “See me and know that I’m… something or other.”

Alive?  I’m not sure.  And they are trying to sell this medication, for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (a skin ailment).

That has nothing to do with what I’m about to write.  Really, it doesn’t.

It’s just I think it’s a silly commercial.  I’m not sure why people with psoriasis are singled out as people not seen.  I’m pretty sure that’s a common occurrence with just about everyone on this planet – the ‘not being seen’ part, that is.

I also know a few people with this ailment and they look perfectly normal like everyone else.  So, I don’t really “get” this commercial’s audience.

But, it is a memorable commercial.  I will give it that.



C? ^__^

We’re all jumping around saying, “See me?”  “Do you see what I just did?”  “I’m a good person.”  “Look at me.”  “Notice me.”  “…Love me.”

Do you get that feeling?  I mean, just have kids and you’ll see this about human beings overwhelmingly quickly.

Or, you can stop and just look in a mirror.

I feel like that’s what I’m doing with my writing.  I’m jumping around and trying to get people to notice what I write and read it.  “See me?”  “See me and know I have lots of words to share with you peoples of the world!”

It almost sounds maniacal.  *cue laughter*

But, I really do need people to read my writing.  Writer’s really need that if they want to live as a writer and not just hope they have a time-consuming hobby.


And so, if you’ve read this far this is what I’m getting at:

I’m looking for Beta or Alpha readers for my novels.  It’s so that if I would have done this maybe five years ago when I had hundreds and thousands of people reading my stuff, then I’d have a chance.  But, I waited and I keep feeling impatient.  That long period of no laptop was like I fell in a hole.

So then, I need a reader for these books:

Tesday Will Get You Killed (humor, lesbian undertones, and friendship, and a bit of sci-fi – nearly complete, WIP)

Lamia (lesbian romance, humor and fantasy – WIP)

The Vampire’s Paradigm (darker, dystopian, fantasy – multiple book series – complete, but completely being revised)

That Girl Band (possible TV show script or novel, dramedy, romance, mystery, human interest – complete)

The New Pet in the Basement (erotica, lesbian romance, suspense, thriller, psychological drama – complete)

Please PM me if you’re interested.  Thank you!



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