Werewolf for Halloween

Hey all, I wrote a short story quite awhile back: maybe 15 years ago.  It was titled Werewolf of Tupelo.  I decided to post it at my fictionpress site for Halloween since there’s a werewolf and all.

I’ll tell you a little something:  When I was a kid growing up I used to love the old black & white movies about Dracula, the Werewolf, Frankenstein, and the Mummy.  Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, and Lon Chaney Jr.  They would actually scare me back then.  Now… not so much.  But as a kid, I used to be scared.

I was never brave, and would hide in my closet with the light on, fearful of creatures that might attack in the night.  I was terrified a hand would creep up from under my bed and pull me down to hell or something.  I was really freaked out and that probably started my problems with insomnia.

Well, the creatures that did attack, back when I was a kid weren’t very paranormal or mythological beasts.  Mine were much more real.  I think those type of creatures are the scariest in this world.

But I’ll tell you in those old movies, it was just something about the lighting, make-up, music, and the build-up it was so well done it did scare me.

Later, I would be terrified by the more gory George Romero films like the 1968, Night of the Living Dead.  I had so many nightmares.  Those followed me through my teen years and I still have a fear of having a limb chewed off my body.

Probably my biggest scares were the Italian and European horror flicks with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  Those were so terrifying.  I still have trouble watching those early B rated horror flicks of the 60s and 70s.  That was the apex of shiver-filled terror for movies.

My kids laugh at my lack of bravery, but really those are just so eerie.  I think the eerie, creepy, skin-crawling factor and music is what gets me.  I also can’t stand the sounds of someone in pain.  Even in a movie, hearing someone being tortured bothers me so much I have to leave the room.

I can’t sit through gore.  It just amazes me people can make those kind of movies.  I mean, it’s pretty awesome they can do it, but that is not something I could do. And the make-up?  My gosh, amazing!  American Horror Story?  No way. Haha

For me, real terror is the inability to escape.  The fear that you can’t leave your present state of being or feeling trapped.  Personally, that… well that and dismemberment and maiming… but yeah, not being able to leave a place I desperately want to leave is probably my greatest fear.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a safe and happy time getting tricks, treats, or scary things this Halloween.  Take care and be safe!





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